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Scrying and Reading Cards

Scrying and reading cards is the practice of looking into the card in the hope of detecting significant messages or visions. This practice can come in handy when doing an intuitive card reading. Personally, I use this technique quite often as it provides me with a significant amount of information compared to simply following the book that comes along with a deck of readers cards. This technique is simple yet very powerful.

The Technique

  1. Pick a card from your reader’s deck to read. It can be a tarot deck, an angel deck, or any metaphysical deck.
  2. Look at the card but allow your gaze to soften.
  3. Ask the card to show you the most important piece of information.
  4. Now refocus your gaze onto the card and the first thing that pops out at you is the descriptor, the item that is trying to relay information to you.
  5. Take a pause, allowing intuitive information to flow through you while you stare at the object that “popped” out at you.

Give Yourself Some Time to Get Used to the Process

You might get the hang of this on your very first try or you might need a little more time. Either way, give it a shot and see how your intuition reacts to it. You might get more intuitive sensations through your physical body, or perhaps begin to hear words or sounds. My point being when you try a new technique like this it tends to spark your intuition to expand. When this happens you may experience more use of your five senses when intuitive information is flowing through.

Challenge yourself with this new technique by picking a card first thing in the morning for the next seven days. Go through the scrying process on the card and see what stands out to you. When you pick the card, ask the card to give you information about yourself for your highest good today.

Take Scrying and Reading Cards to the Next Level

If you’re ready to read others, or you already do, call on a friend and ask them if you can pick a card for them once a day for the next week. See if they are interested in receiving some information. If you are more comfortable with them asking a question first, before picking the card, then structure it that way. If you feel better just blindly picking a card to see what happens then approach it in that style.

The important thing to remember is to be creative with how you approach your intuition. Be open to trying multiple techniques and new ways to read. This openness will allow more and more of your intuition to come through and deliver messages.

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