Intuitive Readings and Coaching with Certified SAGE Practitioners

Certified SAGE Practitioners have gone through a year of being tested, trained and certified for their intuitive abilities. Most importantly, they hold themselves to a higher set of Spiritual Ethics. Therefore, by using a Certified SAGE Practitioner, you know you are working with someone who is ethical. In addition, they are honest, and accurate.

Bonnie D'Angelo
Bonnie D'AngeloCertified SAGE Practitioner
Intuitive Reader
Crystal Shop Owner
Zenaida Kim
Zenaida KimCertified SAGE Practitioner
Intuitive Reader
Trauma and Grief Reader
Diann Stover
Diann StoverCertified SAGE Practitioner
Psychic Medium, Animal Communicator, Energy Healer (People and Animals), Intuitive Photo Reader

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Brenda Fritz
Brenda FritzCertified SAGE Practitioner
Intuitive Reader

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Sandra DeMers
Sandra DeMersCertified SAGE Practitioner
Intuitive Reader

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Michelle Milne
Michelle MilneCertified SAGE Practitioner
Intuitive Reader
Tarot Card Reader

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Lesley Levine
Lesley LevineCertified SAGE Practitioner
Animal Communicator
Intuitive Reader
Carissa Cano
Carissa CanoCertified SAGE Practitioner
Intuitive Wellness Sessions

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Stacy Nestor
Stacy NestorCertified SAGE Practitioner
Intuitive Reader
Life Coaching
Antje Bourdages
Antje BourdagesCertified SAGE Teacher
Energy Worker
Psychic Medium
Reiki Master Practitioner
Doreen DiAntonio
Doreen DiAntonioCertified SAGE Teacher
Psychic Medium
Animal Communicator
Energy Healer
Danger Tirone
Danger TironeCertified SAGE Practitioner
Psychic Intuitive
Energy Practitioner
Spiritual Consultant
Barbara Fe
Barbara FeCertified SAGE Practitioner
Psychic Medium
Spiritual Consultant
Dina Bock
Dina BockCertified SAGE Practitioner
Guide Channel

SAGE Practitioner Certification Information

SAGE Certification is an advance level of intuitive training. In other words, it is for people who want to seriously strengthen their intuition. Additionally, for those who want to use it professionally. Moreover, individuals must complete an application and a Zoom interview to be accepted into the program.

Firstly, Certified SAGE Practitioner Training is all about helping you become an amazing intuitive. For example, professions include: energy healer, Collector (crossing over work), doula or coach. That is to say, professionally and ethically, Certified SAGE Practitioners are one step above. With many intuitives out there, very few are highly accurate. Let alone ethical, honest, and real. Above all, Certified SAGE Practitioners are all of those things. This is because they have trained hard. In addition, they have been supported along the way. And they have increased their connection to their guides and team.

Build Your Intuitive Business

Extensive intuitive training and pushing your intuitive limits will increase your abilities. As a result, you will build your client base. With that you will create a meaningful professional business. Likewise, you will be supported during your year of training. Together we will create a schedule, goals, and meeting times.

Certified SAGE Practitioner students will have one-on-one advanced training and mentor sessions. This is done with either a Certified SAGE Teacher or the founder, Isabeau Maxwell. During training, the student will build their professional business. This will be completed with the goal of working professionally by the end of the year. All Certification students will have full access to The SAGE Professional trainings and content.

In just a few hours a week, training to be a Certified SAGE Practitioner can be done while you continue your current life. If you are wanting to step into your intuitive calling, this is the program for you!

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