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Spiritual Tools Help Find Clarification

Spiritual tools indeed help us to find clarification. It makes logical sense if we are using our intuition that we would want to understand the messages coming through. We hope to gather enough information to be able to put something together that results in a solid piece of advice or guidance.

If our sixth sense is telling us we need to quit something it’s, um, kinda helpful if we know what it is we are supposed to quit. Might be troublesome if we quit our jobs only to find out we were supposed to quit sugar!

This is where clarification comes in and can be found through using spiritual tools. By using certain tools we are able to request more information and ask questions. This is extremely helpful when we feel stuck. Shifting our focus to spiritual tools can be just enough of a shift to get the intuitive information flowing again. And it helps you to get out of your own way.

Also important to note, like all things spiritual, some tools will work better for you than others. Exploring different tools is the best plan of action to finding the ones that work best for you.

While there are a ton of tools out there people use, here is a list of some of my favorites…

Spiritual Tools ~ The Pendulum

A pendulum is a tool used to communicate with spirit, guides and passed loved ones. You ask a question and then wait to see which way the pendulum swings. As a result, depending on the direction, it will give you either a yes or a no answer. This was my go to tool when I first started using my intuition years ago. And, I loved it!

Spiritual Tools ~ Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are a specific deck of cards that have been used by readers since the late 18th century. Reading a deck of Tarot is very specific and the ‘rules’ of what each card means have been established years ago. So today, following those basic rules are wise if you are hoping to have a true Tarot deck experience. If you are new to reading Tarot, get an instructional book that will help you understand this old tradition. Jump in by asking a clarifying question, do a card spread and see what the cards tell you.

There is Also Metaphysical Cards

Metaphysical cards are any deck of cards that are not in the category of Tarot Cards. Angel cards and animal cards are just two examples of card decks people use to gather intuitive information. There is a much more fluid feel to reading with these cards as there are no solid rules or standards set over the years on how to use them. Thus my best advice to you with using a deck of cards (that are not Tarot) is to throw out the instruction book and just start picking cards and exploring what the card is showing you. That is the ticket to getting a lot of information out of a metaphysical card deck!

Do you need some tools to get started? Visit the Facebook Group ‘The SAGE Community‘ or check out The SAGE Circle if you are looking for more spiritual growth and community to support you!

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