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Can a Soulmate Be a Friend?

If you are wondering can a soulmate be a friend, the answer is yes. The word soulmate tends to be applied when talking about a romantic, “perfect” life partner. But a soulmate doesn’t have to necessarily be a romantic partner. They can simply be a friend. This does not mean that if you meet your soulmate in the form of a platonic relationship that you will never meet the love of your life. It is possible to meet them both. This is because we can have more than one soulmate in a single lifetime.

Multiple Soulmates

We are all connected. But it’s who you are more closely connected to that makes up your soul group. When it comes to our existence on the otherside I like to use an analogy to explain this connection. Think of a giant multi-dimensional spider web. At every intersection point on that web there is a soul. You are also on that spider web with all the other souls. The souls, individuals, that are closest to you on the web are the ones who make up your soul group. This could be hundreds of souls, there are really no limits. These souls are the individuals you come down to Earth with to live out a lifetime.

Now, the closest souls to you on that web are your soulmates. These are the people who are energetically tightly linked to you. These are the people who when their spider web shakes in this lifetime (metaphorically) you feel it!

So let’s take a step back from the limited concept of only one soulmate in a lifetime and open up to more possibilities. You could have two or five or seven. Each lifetime is different and the possibilities are endless.

Role of a Soulmate

Let’s also take the word soulmate out of the romantic category for a moment. Your multiple soulmates in this lifetime can be siblings, parents, friends, or lovers. They can be many things. What’s most important is that they show up for you in your life and help you to become a better person. They are able to do this so well because they are so closely energetically tied to you in your soul group. Their effects on you in this lifetime are quite strong.

Their role as a soulmate is to challenge you, lift you up, bring you down, and everything in between. It’s quite a beautiful connection and support structure for your development and growth in this lifetime.

Can a Soulmate Be a Friend?

In conclusion, yes, a soulmate can be a friend. They are one of the closest to you on the otherside before you come here to Earth. And they will connect with you in this lifetime. If they’ve chosen to connect as a friend and not a lover, well that’s just their choice. That is how they’ve chosen to love you in this life.

So stay open to the possibilities. Cherish all the amazing relationships you have in this lifetime. Open up to connection with your soulmates, the ones who have already come into your life and the future ones still on their way to you.

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