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The SAGE Method Course forms the bedrock of our offerings, providing a comprehensive foundation for personal growth. Delve deeper into your spiritual journey with our 12 Specialized Course Series, tailored to fine-tune your intuition and align with your unique path. Connect with like-minded individuals from around the world by engaging in The SAGE Circle Membership, our thriving online community. Take the next step in your spiritual exploration – become a member today! Explore our overview below to discover the full range of opportunities awaiting you with SAGE.

The SAGE Method Course

The SAGE Method Course is a 7-week intuitive development course. It is the foundational course. Includes a Certification of Completion, is self-paced and lifetime access.

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The SAGE Method Workbook Bundle

Accompanies the SAGE Method course as an optional purchase and is available for purchase in the United States. The Bundle includes a 125 page SAGE Method Workbook, a copy of Isabeau’s book Cracking Open: Adventures of a Reluctant Medium, and a handpicked stone energetically charged by Isabeau Maxwell herself! (Please visit Amazon to purchase the book outside of the U.S.)

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The 12 Specialized Course Series

12 specialty courses provide you with deep intuitive tools to discover and open up different areas of your intuition that work best for you. It is recommended to complete the SAGE Method course as a strong foundation to amplify the effects of these 12 specialized courses. Once purchased, you will have lifetime access.

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The SAGE Circle Online Membership

The SAGE Circle raises your energetic vibration through unconditional love, powerful meditations, card readings, and even deeper intuitive training. Join Isabeau in your first member session and many more amazing courses and uplifting sessions. The Circle is a month-to-month membership you may cancel at any time.

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SAGE Practitioner Training

SAGE Practitioner Training is a year of one-on-one training with Isabeau or another SAGE Certified teacher. This training is designed to assist you in stepping out into the world with confidence and sharply honed intuitive abilities in order to help others in the unique way you are here to help them.

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“You have me laughing with you! I am really enjoying the course. I am happy to say in week one you have explained everything very well! I must say I went through the first week pretty fast haha, can’t wait to unlock the second week. Thank you this course is really a joy!”

Destiny, SAGE Method Graduate

“I enrolled to learn about and develop my intuitive skills. Beau quickly made me feel comfortable with her gentle, calm, caring, and relaxed manner. Each week brought about a new experience and/or personal revelation. Taking Beau’s class has opened up so many possibilities for me on my spiritual journey. I am so blessed to have had Beau for a teacher.”

Doreen DiAntonio, SAGE Method Graduate

“I continue to be out of my mind joyful and mindful with every morsel of your class and the work. It’s shaking my world up and opening it up in wonderful ways. Thank you Beau for the gift of you. I love your humor. Your fun spirit is infectious for sure.”

Ellen, SAGE Method Graduate

“The SAGE Method class is uniquely designed to reach all those dark inner corners of oneself and pull out all the fierce, magical power we all truly possess whether we know it or not. I thoroughly enjoyed communing with people of like mind which made me feel comfortable to hone my intuitive skills. It made me realize I’m not crazy and I’m not alone.”

Barb Malm, SAGE Method Graduate

“I found the SAGE method to be an amazing platform to discover not only my unique intuitive abilities but also a penetrating journey into my psyche. Beau’s wonderful down-to-earth teaching style brings clarity to some very esoteric topics. The online format enabled me to work at my own pace each week & listen to lessons repeatedly. This resulted in an even deeper understanding & richer experience of the material. I feel a purposeful “flow” to my life that wasn’t there before this class. The SAGE method is an empowering gift you give to yourself… just DO it!”


Terry Carretta, SAGE Method Graduate

Meet the founder, Isabeau “Beau” Maxwell

Isabeau “Beau” Maxwell is one of the leading spiritual coaches in intuitive development today. Isabeau brings deep channeled knowledge, a down-to-earth vibe, and personal understanding to the field of spirituality. She has helped people connect to their authentic, natural intuitive abilities for over 15 years.

Isabeau is the founder of the award winning intuitive development course, The SAGE Method, the author of the best-selling book Cracking Open: Adventures of a Reluctant Medium, and the creator of the popular online community, The SAGE Circle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, yes you can! The SAGE Method has been meticulously developed so you can fast-forward your intuitive growth. Beau’s spiritual courses are packed with years of experience, all formatted in such a way to move you forward, faster.

Unlike many other intuitive development courses, The SAGE Method is a formula that allows you to sequentially unlock the blocks that are holding you back. It explains intuition in depth so you can conceptualize what it is you are actually doing. And it provides the tools needed to successfully apply your own unique style of intuition to receive accurate messages.

Many intuitive development classes sit you down, give you a deck of cards, a photo or an object and ask you to go ahead and “tap in”. Typically, in these types of classes, you are not given the knowledge or understanding on “how” to tap in, just the instructions to “practice”. The SAGE Method not only helps you understand how your unique intuition actually works, it teaches you techniques that fit you best and shows you how to clear what is blocking your intuition. These two additional factors are what makes the SAGE Method one of the most popular intuitive training programs on the market.

It is one thing to spend time practicing intuitive exercises and achieve moments of accuracy here and there. It is another to understand how your intuition works, learn techniques that work best for you, and then receive messages with ease and accuracy.

If you don’t have a strong foundation, if you don’t understand how intuition flows, and if you don’t discover and deal with your blocks, you can only open up your intuition so far. This extra training is what sets apart The SAGE Method from other intuitive development courses.

Actually, it’s both. The SAGE Method process opens the flow of your unique intuition, which might be more psychic or more medium in nature. Understanding the similarities and differences of these channels of intuitive ability is one of the benefits of the course. The SAGE Method honors your intuition and doesn’t try to fit it into someone else’s box. By the last week, you will be more certain where you fall on the psychic/mediumship spectrum; thus you can focus on your strengths and access your intuition more effectively and efficiently.

Absolutely! While many intuitive professionals take this course to improve their accuracy and build their spiritual practice, just as many people take this course to discover their intuition for the first time. The course is structured to start everyone at the beginning. For someone new to intuition, it is an incredible foundation to build on, a process that will fast-forward their growth. For professionals and people who have dabbled in intuition, it provides important foundational tools they need to advance even further than they ever have before.

Almost 90% of students who take The SAGE Method course do not wish to become a practitioner, and take it simply to develop their personal intuition and improve their own lives. What a person gains from using The SAGE Method Course is so much more than heightened intuitive abilities. They discover freedom and a self-awareness they never had before! They know how to live in the flow and bring peace and bliss to their lives.

However, if you do want to train to be a SAGE Certified Practitioner, please reach out to us after you have completed the SAGE Method course and we will provide you more information.

This course is extremely valuable to practicing psychics and mediums who understand the power continued learning has on your intuitive strength. We have many professional intuitives who have taken the course and make a practice of retaking the course once a year to reset, strengthen and raise their vibration to even higher levels. You will always have access to the course once you purchase it and it becomes a valuable set of tools you can use over and over as you grow and develop your intuition. Each time you access the tools, as you need them, you open more doors to your intuitive strength, abilities and process.

Once a week, for seven weeks, you will receive access to a new section of The SAGE Method course and you can watch at the time that works best for you. Watch the videos, fill out the workbook for that week, and in 7 days you’ll receive the next set of instructional videos.

Session One: Reclaiming Your Focus

How are you positioned energetically and spiritually? Gain awareness of where you are now, begin to use powerful yet simple energetic tools, and step into flow. 

Session Two: Core Vs. Culture

Build upon your foundation and peek into your daily interactions. It’s time to get curious, get aligned, and discover you. 

Session Three:  Observational Perspective

Our thoughts create our Universe and our Self. We’re cracking things open by digging into your spiritual mind to step into a fresh state. 

Session Four: Organization

Clutter creates obstacles and intuition is always easier to follow when there’s a straight path available. Let’s give your intuition the space it needs to flow. 

Session Five: Guides and Manifesting

You are not meant to walk this world alone. Connect to the divine and walk with your guides. Join their team and make them an active part of your growth path. 

Session Six: How Everything Works

Explore your new reality by deeply understanding how intuition works. Expand your knowledge and step into your power. 

Session Seven: The Experiments

Have fun. Lean into your new intuitive strength and use some tools to see what you’re truly capable of. 

For the SAGE Method, you will have access to PDF workbook pages that you can either print out or fill out on your computer/device. There is the option to purchase the SAGE Method Workbook and Isabeau’s book: Cracking Open: Adventures of a Reluctant Medium in a package put together by Isabeau herself. That option is available only for US residents. Outside the US, you are able to purchase the books through your regional Amazon site.

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to The SAGE Method course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own. You will also have lifetime access to the 12 Specialized Course bundle. The SAGE Circle Online Membership is a month to month access program.

No. This is one of the strongest assets of The SAGE Method. You will not discover how to be like someone else. You will learn how to be you. Everyone’s intuition is different and unique to them. Some people see visions and some people feel things. Also, some people speak to the deceased while others communicate with animals. If you try to be like someone else, you will never reach the intuitive heights that are available to you. If you focus on the mode of intuition that flows uniquely through you, you will not only rapidly progress, you will thrive!

We suggest the SAGE Method Course first and then follow it up with the 12 Specialized Courses bundle. That way you can create a solid foundation for your intuition and then enjoy experiencing a deeper level of many types of intuitive specialties.

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