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The twisted roller coaster ride called “opening up psychically” started for me the day my Grandmother died. That one pivotal moment changed me from a materialistic, business-driven agnostic to someone who doubted reality itself. I began to wonder if the brain I had relied on for so many years had finally set itself out to pasture.

Talking to the dead isn’t a joy ride. It isn’t a theme park pass to chat with Elvis whenever you want, or a ticket to discover the long lost secrets of Atlantis. It’s a big responsibility, and a task I now hold dear to my heart.

This book is about what happens when one stumbles onto the spiritual path. I present this book to you, raw, uncensored, and in detail – all the ups and downs of what it is really like to spend your days among the dead. You will find the hours of frustration and the moments of debilitating fear are also met with times of pure bliss when life unfolds to demonstrate the beauty of human potential.

This book is not some fictional tale “based on a true story.” This is my life, and I share it with you.

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The SAGE Method ~ The Key to Unlock Your True Intuitive Abilities


Since 2005, thousands of people have benefited from the teachings of The SAGE Method, a 7-week Intuitive Development course. We hope you can join us and thrive on your spiritual path as well!


“I can’t think of anything that has opened me up spiritually more than this class has. Not only does it help me to think “outside” the box but it has also answered so many questions in regards to past and present experiences. I fully recommend this class to anyone that is even remotely curious about their own spirituality or interested in developing their own psychic abilities. Beau is a patient, challenging and thorough instructor and I feel honored to be able to share this time with her each week and learn from her own experiences.” – Lorna Lee

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Start Honing Your Intuition Now With This Free Course ~ The Top Five Intuitive Tools


Penny Zielinski ~ “This course has been the best thing I’ve ever done. I work as a Naturopath, Medical herbalist, Massage therapist and Reiki healer. Each day I was able to put into practice what I had learnt and share some of the knowledge I had gained. I am now going back though the whole course again, as I must admit I rushed some exercises as I was so excited to see what Beau had to offer next. My intuition has expanded hugely and has taken my business to a new level. My co-workers have noticed a huge shift in my confidence and professional and personal growth. I hugely recommend this course and joining the sage circle community.”

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If you could get all the training, connection and support you need and experience the profound magic and synchronicities of your spiritual journey, would you do it? If yes, then The SAGE Circle might be a good fit for you. This particular spiritual community supports your unique path, raises your vibration and expands your knowledge!

“I have been a SAGE Circle member since May 20, 2020. It has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. For anyone out there wondering if this is for you, I say try it for a month and I promise 99% of you will fall in love with all that SAGE Circle has to offer and just the overall vibe of it. You truly are a part of a big spiritual family when you’re a part of a group like SAGE Circle!” ~ Sarah Matyas