To support all in these difficult times we are providing 90% off the price of
The SAGE Method, our 7 week intuitive development course

A message from the founder, Beau Maxwell…

I am making The SAGE Method 7-week intuitive course available to you at 90% off to support you in this time of isolation and spiritual growth (a savings of over $1,300).

I will try to keep this offer open as long as I can, through the pandemic, but will have to shut it down once I hit my capacity for work. Not totally sure what that is yet, I’ve never had to run it this way before. I will have to monitor and make the decision when the time is right.

As a spiritual teacher, this is what I have to give while the world is healing right now. It’s in the act of giving that we will come out of this with light!

Much love,

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If you could get all the training, connection and support you need and experience the profound magic and synchronicities of your spiritual journey, would you do it? If yes, then The SAGE Circle might be a good fit for you. This particular spiritual community supports your unique path, raises your vibration and expands your knowledge!

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