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Cracking Open: Adventures of a Reluctant Medium

Get your hands on the book people are calling an instant classic!

Cracking Open: Adventures of a Reluctant Medium is a best seller. It is hailed as one of the few honest, raw, funny, and relatable books about spiritual development out there. If you are interested in mediumship, this is a book you not only need to read but won’t be able to put down.

It was recently honored as a finalist in the Spirituality category of the 2022 International Book Awards.

Cracking Open Isn’t Always Easy

From the author…

The twisted roller coaster ride called “opening up psychically” started for me the day my Grandmother died. That one pivotal moment changed me from a materialistic, business-driven agnostic to someone who doubted reality itself. I began to wonder if the brain I had relied on for so many years had finally set itself out to pasture.

Talking to the dead isn’t a joy ride. It isn’t a theme park pass to chat with Elvis whenever you want, or a ticket to discover the long lost secrets of Atlantis. It’s a big responsibility, and a task I now hold dear to my heart.

This book is about what happens when one stumbles onto the spiritual path. I present this book to you, raw, uncensored, and in detail – all the ups and downs of what it is really like to spend your days among the dead. You will find the hours of frustration and the moments of debilitating fear are also met with times of pure bliss when life unfolds to demonstrate the beauty of human potential.

This book is not some fictional tale “based on a true story.” This is my life, and I share it with you.

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Cracking Open: Adventures of a Reluctant Medium

“Not going to lie, I cried. I also laughed. Thank you Beau for sharing your beginnings with us. If you are a reader who is skimming through the reviews to see if you should buy this book; stop skimming, you should read this book. This is an emotional journey that is filled with truth about every day life and the different parts different people have to play in it. It can be intense, but it is also funny at times. Maxwell is filled with snark and sarcasm in a very endearing way. Through out this book the reader can feel her genuineness and truthfulness. It is beautifully written and sucks you in to the point of not wanting to put the book down. I highly recommend you read this book.”

Having already come to know a bit about Beau and her warm, humorous and unapologetically human perspective via The Sage Method, it comes to no surprise that her personal story is a relatable page-turner that at once reels you in with anticipation while making you feel right at home! It honestly ended all too soon and I eagerly await the publish of her next nuggets of intuitive wisdom. Thank you, Beau for being you and following your calling. The world needs you!”
~ Brooke Beasley

The writing style is earthy and engaging, salted with humor and a touch of poetry. The events described lit up my heart, as they touch on our shared human experience of life and death, confusion and growth, over-coming self-doubt and finding our purpose in this life. For those seeking validation and perhaps comfort on their journey of discovering their intuitive nature, or perhaps having seen or heard a ‘ghost’ in their lifetime, this is a great read. I feel validated by the author’s experiences, less alone. For those who might recently have lost a loved one this book can help to heal some of that grief. It’s a VERY good read!”
~ Sun Bum

“Your book is absolutely amazing and I’ve told so many people about it. I can’t even begin to tell you how much it helped not only myself, but my family too, as my mother in law was in the process of passing away in the hospital back in December of 2014. I actually would bring it to the hospital with me to read and re-read the part about Joel’s family while my mother in law was in and out of consciousness. You are a God send, Isabeau. I’m so grateful for you.”
~ Jennifer White

“The story starts off slow at first but becomes a compelling story. I have never read an account of someone realizing and experiencing that they are a psychic or a medium. While I still have a hard time imagining the things she describes happening to me, I am certain after reading her book that she is authentic and she has experienced what she says she has. Often I found myself marveling at how completely open she was about her experiences. I got the impression she did not try and hide many personal details. In reading the book I found myself pulling for her. I think this was the result of her authenticity and openness. I would not be surprised if her account got turned into a movie of some sort in the future.”
~ J. McCormack

“Isabeau’s journey has been written in a very down to earth fashion that makes me want to get to know her as a person. I’ve personally witnessed her amazing ability and I feel extremely fortunate. I really enjoyed the book and would highly recommend it to anyone”
~ Andrea

“I am a true believer in her abilities and in the things she says. She has helped my family through her book as much as her work. My wife read the book in a matter of days, and she typically does not read with the speed I do. I finished in two and a half and it was beyond what you would call a page turner. Found myself still reading at 1:00 a.m. this morning knowing I had an 8:30 a.m. meeting…but I just couldn’t put it down. I was THERE. At least her stroke of the keys made me FEEL like I was there, and very vividly so. It has also helped me realize some truths about myself that my own personal “Big Dog” won’t let me run from anymore.

In summation, I pose to prospective readers an introspective in depth question. If you are having things happening, things you can’t explain… or feelings that somehow you KNOW aren’t yours… or you have felt like someone is always watching you and you don’t know what to do because you don’t want to tell anyone for fear of judgment or ridicule and you sure don’t want to admit to yourself what you know in your heart is going on and you have nobody to turn to, no support system, no one who “gets it”? Fear no more. Get Cracking Open and laugh, cry, and feel the energy as only Isabeau can describe it and open your eyes to your true self and begin the Journey that is the rest of your REAL life.”
~ David

“I was given this book by a friend to read as I am generally a skeptic. Not that I don’t believe…just that I haven’t personally had experiences happen to me that would prove otherwise. It’s a quick and easy read and I found myself wanting to read additional chapters each night. The author writes on a level that allows the reader to see and feel what she is going through and walk the path that has led her to where she is now. Funny and an all around great story! It left me wanting to learn more.”
~ Colorado Girl

“Cracking Open: Adventures of a Reluctant Medium took my breath away. This stunning, insightful autobiography of Isabeau’s journey of becoming a psychic medium mesmerizes you and makes you feel you are there with her while she helps people and communicates with the other side. It is a page turner and when I sat down to read it, I felt like everything else around me fell away. I was totally enveloped.

I’ve always been interested in the talents and abilities of psychics and mediums, but by reading about Beau and her experiences, she by far makes this talent and calling more real than any others I have worked with or have seen in action. She truly has a gift, and although this gift comes with much responsibility, she appears to handle each unique situation with beauty and grace.

The book allows you to grow with Beau as she completes one journey and ventures off to the next. It is evident by how this book is written that Beau is down to earth, real, and caring and someone you would feel comfortable with from the first time meeting her.

This book is a must read for anyone interested in psychic mediums, spiritual enlightenment and life on the other side. Stunning. Insightful. Heartwarming”
~ McGarry

“With humor, openness and honesty, Beau shows us the “real deal.” Not only are we able to witness the doubt and fear that comes with mediumship, we also experience the joy and amazement. However, this story offers the reader much more than tales of a medium. We are able to watch the birth of a spiritual journey and see Beau’s timid steps into the unknown blossom into acceptance and confidence. I recommend this book not only to anyone who wonders what’s on the other side, but also to those who want to add to their spiritual knowledge. Like Beau, I’m one who needs proof. Beau’s story gives me that proof.”
~ Cosmet

“THIS BOOK IS REAL AND INCREDIBLE!! I have to tell you, I’m only half way through this book BUT I couldn’t wait to write about how it has effected me so far. The real feel of this book is what is so compelling. It is a truly moving bio of a woman finding her own way on her lifes path. Everyone who is searching for their true spiritual purpose needs to read this book. Not only does it call to you on a emotional level knowing you can relate to Beau just as you and I, it also calls you to stretch your beliefs, mind, and spirit into the spirit world. Reading about ones journey to their calling and true purpose can also lead you to your own. READ IT!!!!!”
~ Rachael Comeau

“Cracking Open: Adventures of a Reluctant Medium, is a wonderfully written book that made me want to dig more into my own spiritual being and really examine what true purpose awaits me on this Earth. Written with honesty, emotion, and dashes of life’s humor, I truly could not put this book down. This is not a book filled with a boring autobiographical ego trip; this is a fascinating look into the life of Isabeau as she discovered the abilities she had all along. Love her, love the book!”
~ Eyes Wide Open

“Cracking Open is a beautifully told auto biography and an emotional peek into one woman’s journey into becoming a medium. What makes this story so lovely is the honest, candid telling of what it is like to start accepting the signs and messages that are so often ignored. Beau is able to convey her story with wit, humor, and true emotions. This is an engaging, enjoyable book. I highly recommend it!!”
~ Meghan Harris

Cracking Open Chapters

  1. In The Beginning There Was Fear
  2. Heaven, Hell, And The Return Policy
  3. Physically And Mentally Flying
  4. Blowing Up Cars
  5. Holy Crap, This Has To Be Real
  6. Wearing Mom Jeans While Shaking My VooDoo Rattle
  7. A Weekend In The Woods With Woo-Woos
  8. The Road To Success Is Paved With Poop
  9. I Thought This Would Be The Epilogue
  10. The Grocery Store Or The Twilight Zone?
  11. Family Choices
  12. Getting My Glide On
  13. They
  14. So This Is What A Gun Shot Feels Like
  15. Help
  16. And Regret
  17. Mama Told Me Not To Go
  18. House Clearing 101
  19. Lloyd Overstays His Welcome
  20. Heed The Whisper Or Get The Shout
  21. “Look Mom, I Got A Psychic Reading At The Fair!”
  22. The Fury Vs. My Self-Esteem
  23. The Next Level
  24. Books And Signs
  25. Always Use Protection
  26. The Shoe Factory Lady
  27. Carol’s Death
  28. Out Of The Woods
  29. Sadie’s Haunting