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Manifesting With an Unlimited Mind

Accepting your existence in an unlimited universe provides a small yet powerful shift in your approach to manifesting. This unlimited state of mind opens up huge opportunities for you. It’s a simple step, and approach, and it magnifies your manifesting results.

When we are manifesting with an unlimited mind, we provide the universe with so many more paths to fulfill our manifesting requests. It’s when we box ourselves in to only certain outcomes that we find exciting results can be hard to come by.

Let me start by giving you an example. Recently I manifested an experience that I couldn’t have had if I didn’t stay open to the unlimited possibilities.

Where This Story Begins

Back in 2010 I wanted to manifest a live-aboard catamaran. I researched it, contacted lenders, found the perfect catamaran I wanted from a boat builder in France (yep, I was going all out), and I put pictures up on my dream board of the exact make and model boat I wanted.

Was I able to buy one? Nope. At the time I was not in a spot financially to get a loan for a large boat. I also wasn’t sure I really wanted to be a boat owner. Perhaps I just wanted to experience living on a boat. Either way, I decided to release it to the universe in unlimited ways of bringing it into my life, wait for that experience to come to fruition in the future, and I went about my way. Good stuff.

It Manifested Itself Recently

Fast forward a few years, I was actively working on manifesting things I wanted to experience in my life. I decided some ocean energy would help supercharge the manifesting and bring to life. So I booked a three hour boat ride out on the ocean at a nearby marina.

When we arrived at the marina, they walked us down the deck to the boat. My jaw hit the floor. The boat we were taking out that day was the exact dream boat I wanted to manifest back in 2010! I was stunned and overwhelmed with joy. I climbed aboard and stood there realizing I was looking at my dream boat in real life, one that I had only ever seen in photos.

Turns out, by releasing it to the universe with an unlimited mindset, I was able to manifest it in my future, even if just for an afternoon. We boarded the French catamaran. I smiled, turned to my partner, and said “I am loving this manifesting experience!” The captain navigated our way out of the marina to the open sea and as I stood there smiling with joy we passed by another boat named ‘Intuition’. A quick little wink from the universe to remind me how powerful and beautiful intuition can be.

When You Manifest With an Unlimited Mind

This experience was made possible because I manifested it with an unlimited mindset. I did not allow money to enter into the equation when I was having fun searching for my dream boat. Not once did I think “I can’t afford this.” Instead I said, “I am excited to be on this boat and all ways of being on this boat are possible.” I allowed the timing and how it would present itself to be unlimited.

We use our emotions and ceremony to empower our manifesting experiences. But stepping into manifesting with the belief that everything is possible, nothing is off limits, and you truly have access to all that is out there in this world opens you up to massive success with manifesting.

Get started right now setting up some fun, future experiences from an unlimited point of view. You are going to pleasantly surprise yourself! Ask for what you want and release it to the universe with the acknowledgment that all things are possible. And wait to see what unfolds!

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