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How Manifesting Works

There is a lot of information out there about how manifesting works. Heck, we love manifesting! Love it even more when it is working out for us, lol. Here are some more intricate concepts and tips to help you take your manifesting skills to the next level. When we understand something with more depth, it opens up more skill and ability in using it.

Some key things to understand when manifesting

  • The universe only listens and responds to feelings. Thus, your emotions when manifesting are 100% more important than any visuals or vision boards. Let an image or visual be your target. More importantly you need to feel what emotion that image will bring you.
  • You have a life purpose, an outline of your amazing reasons for coming here to this lifetime. Think about what you are most passionate about and link your manifesting in some way to that purpose. Ask the universe to bring to you something that is already perfectly aligned to you.
  • The more silly, fun, and creative you are the faster you will manifest what you want. Energy flows more quickly in the feeling of love and joy. It flows slowly in feelings of desperation or worry. So adding some fun creativity into your manifesting practice will also speed up your results.

How manifesting works with the universe

The universe, or source as a lot of people call it, is working for you. You are connected to it in a way that is organic and flowing, yet sometimes we don’t feel that way. We feel blocked. Truth be told, if you feel blocked it’s because you are out of alignment with the flow of abundance that is indeed available to you.

Think of the universe as a river and you are floating down that river in a boat. It’s a smooth ride and you are well cared for. Sometimes however, we stop trusting that the river is taking us where we wish to go and we try to force our boat in a different direction. This slows manifesting down.

The universe is listening to your desires and feelings and is creating those outcomes for you downstream. It’s the wanting that outcome immediately that can get our boat stuck on land. In essence, the act of wishing and desiring an outcome manifests that outcome best when we release it to the river, letting go of how it will come into play and simply trusting that the river will make it happen.

What happens when you let go

Once you release control over how the universe will bring you abundance, you open up unlimited possibilities for the universe to bring it directly to you. Trust that you are in sync, that timing is perfect, and that it will unfold for your highest good. When you do this, you give the universe much more freedom to access all the possibilities. And it knows you so well that it will sync it together in the way that is the perfect outcome for you.

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