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When a Soul Contract Ends

We have all been there in that uncomfortable space when a soul contract ends. A soul contract being that spiritual connection between us and another living person. This could be a friend, lover, or even family member. Well, if you are already relating to this, read on. I’d like to give you some small tips that might help you move on with more ease.

What is a Soul Contract?

You know when you are in a soul contract when you cannot, and I stress cannot, stay away from another person. Kind of an odd definition because it includes both the good relationships and the bad ones. In all of these cases a soul contract is something we agree on before coming down here to earth. We agree that we will be bonded in some way for a certain amount of time to walk through experiences together that we need to grow as individuals.

What Happens When it Ends?

When a soul contract ends, it almost always is emotional. And all types of emotions can come through depending on each individual situation. For example, I’ve lost a friend and it brought me great sadness. I’ve also gotten a divorce which lifted my depression and increased my happiness.

It’s these emotions that process through us that are in essence the signature end to the soul contract. They are the last pieces we are supposed to experience in that particular contract. But sometimes, in the not so great soul contract endings, they can last uncomfortably long and we would like to be able to move forward a little quicker with our emotional balance in life.

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A Few Things to Help Ease the Transition

  • Taking the time to review what understandings, teachings, and lessons you gained out of the soul contract that have made you the awesome person you are today.
  • Doing a ceremony of some sort to signify the end of the contract.
  • Thanking your previous soul contract partner for walking through that experience with you and wishing them the best in their lives moving forward.

Not all of these are easy to do but they all have one thing in common. They all are energetic statements of acceptance that the contract is done, you are no longer holding on to it, and you are at the next level of your life. That acknowledgement is what can fast forward you up and onto the next adventure.

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