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Where does intuition come from?

The answer to that is one of the most interesting things I have learned about intuition over the years. Let me break it down for you by answering a few key questions that fall under this umbrella.

Where do intuitive messages come from?

First off, we have the intuitive information itself, the messages which are delivered to us from multiple sources. Intuitive messages can come from spiritual guides, loved ones on the otherside, source, the universe, or even our higher self.

What is our intuition?

Intuition is our sixth sense. We are all born with it along with the other five of our senses. It is natural and strong for everyone. However, since we don’t use it as much as we did a few hundred years ago, it can easily become dulled and difficult to access and feel.

How does our intuition work?

Intuitive messages are delivered via our other five senses. This is because intuition utilizes the nervous system to deliver messages that our guides, source or loved ones are sending us. Transmitting intuitive information is done by using old memories from our brain and highlighting those old memories through one of our five senses in order to get us to understand the message they are sending.

Let me give an example.

If your guide wants you to get a puppy, they will trigger a memory you have from years back of seeing a cute puppy in a shelter. Or they will trigger a memory you have of what puppy’s breath smells like. They can even trigger a physical sensation memory of a dog licking your face. These are messages that you are seeing, smelling and/or feeling.

One tricky part here is we can get off track if we take every bit of intuitive information at complete face value. It’s not that you need to get a puppy that looks exactly like the dog in the triggered memory. It’s simply telling you there is a message coming through about a dog.

So this is how intuition works. In conclusion, the source giving you the message “pulls up” a memory within your mind to help you to understand what it is they want you to know.

Side note on intuitive development

This is why when you are honing your intuition, it can at first feel like you are getting “breadcrumbs” or small bits at a time. With some practice, you will be able to relax into receiving more and more of these memory moments and be able to put them together for larger, more complicated, information.

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