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I’d Like to Share a Story About a Spiritual Beetle

So, I’d like to share one of my “strange” stories with you about a spiritual beetle. And I will not start with “This might sound strange but…” because in our worlds, where possibilities are endless, it’s not strange. It’s an experience. And I believe we should have people and community in our lives where we can share these ‘unique’ experiences.

The Story

It was shortly after I opened up intuitively. I was laying in bed, attempting to fall asleep. My mind was racing about this new spiritual path I was on and I was mentally bouncing around from thought to thought. From worry to confidence back to worry again. I opened my eyes to get out of bed and saw above me, coming down through the ceiling, a giant beetle. It had to be 8 feet across, its legs dropping down into my bedroom. I panicked. I jumped out of bed and darted out of the bedroom. When I initially saw the massive beetle it came through mostly solid, just slightly transparent. After I stepped out of the bedroom it faded away. Consequently, I slept on the couch that night.

After that, I was talking to some people in my community. I discovered that beetles have a strong spiritual meaning to them. A beetle can show itself to you when you need strength and conviction to walk your spiritual path. Huh, who knew? Well, now I did and the situation was far less scary than it felt initially.

You Are Not Alone

In conclusion, this is an example of a story, if told in the general public, could be viewed as crazy or ‘not real’. Which is why many don’t share their stories. My message today is find community. Find like-minded, safe people you can share your experiences with. As a result, they will share their experiences with you as well, showing you that you are not alone on your path. Most importantly, you are not crazy.

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