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Change Starts With One Step

I know you’ve heard it before that change starts with one step. I can hear you thinking yes, yes, I know. But it’s so, so true. A small step towards a goal is better than no step at all. And spiritually, no step at all equals stagnancy. Happily delivered to you by the universe.

Mentally, when you hold still, only focused on the end result of the goal you want to achieve, it can become overwhelming. To the point where it stops you from moving forward in the first place. Looking at the endpoint invites you to focus on the magnitude of the work involved to get to that point. This causes people to freeze, to hold still. This is your brain at work. But spiritually, there is a different reason the act of focusing on the future can slow you down.


When you imagine the end result you desire and connect it with emotions, it is a spiritual act of manifesting. You are manifesting either a positive outcome or a negative one.

Starting with the negative manifestation example, when you think of the potential future and have feelings of fear or anxiety, the universe only hears ‘that outcome is scary’ and will assist you in staying frozen so you do not reach that which is scary. If you think of the potential future and have feelings of bliss and excitement the universe will assist you in getting you to where you are excited to go. The universe will always aid you in the direction it hears your emotions going.

It doesn’t matter if you mentally want to reach that goal or not, the process of manifesting will play a part in success or stagnation. If you are fearful the universe will help you to stay still. If you are excited the universe will assist you in achieving your goal.

Be in the Moment

With that said, in the end, if you are not certain you can hold yourself in a state of bliss, in the belief that everything will always work out for you, then stop focusing on the future. Fall back on the beautiful, classic practice of being in the moment. If the future frightens you then focus on the now. Find the bliss and smiles in the moment and take just a small step. Yep, there it is, the small step. With many of those you will reach your goal and remain happy in the meantime.

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