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Opposite Intuitive Feelings Can Help With Messages

Opposite intuitive feelings can help you if you are new to using your intuition. In the beginning of opening intuitively the process can, at times, be frustrating. It is one thing to get yourself into an intuitive mindset. It’s another to translate the messages you are picking up. Allowing your intuition to focus on anything and everything at the same time puts you into clouds and clouds of information. Clouds filled with random words, sounds and images. When we engage our intuition this way we struggle to focus clearly on just one piece of information.

Opening up to our intuition in this manner is like jumping into a ball pit with each ball being an intuitive message. Surrounded by these small plastic balls, aka intuitive messages, your eyes are seeing many of them at the same time. Even if you attempt to focus on just one of the messages, the other ones will still be in your peripheral calling for your attention.

Your Best Plan of Action

Step one, get out of the ball pit.
Next, use hand sanitizer (those ball pits can be disgusting).
Finally, take out one ball at a time to focus on.

By intentionally focusing on only one message or piece of information you are able to go deeper. Hold the one ball, the one intuitive message. Turn your back to the rest of the balls in the pit and the distractions disappear.

Some Next Level Stuff

Now that you’re focused on just one message, let’s take it to the next level. Let’s give our intuition a platform it can use to communicate more clearly what the one message is trying to convey.

That platform is the act of asking opposite questions. Sit with contradictory emotions to see what fits and what doesn’t. Using opposites is a fantastic tool to uncover what a message is trying to tell you. When your questions are at different ends of the spectrum you will connect to one more easily than the other. This you to flow faster through the information in the message.

For example, if, in an intuitive space you get a vision of a car, ask if happiness or sadness are connected to the car. If you feel a confirmation around happiness then the message is good news about the car. If you feel a connection to sadness, perhaps the car is about to break down.

Another example would be if you intuitively hear a random name you can ask if they are old or if they are young. One of those will resonate with you more deeply in the moment and now you know a lot more about the mystery person.

Take Your Time With Opposite Intuitive Feelings

It’s okay to go slow. It’s okay to use training wheels when you’re opening up your intuition with these opposite intuitive feelings. Being overeager and pushing to far too fast might possibly put you in the middle of that ball pit. Let it be not only okay, but enjoyable, to take this journey of opening up your intuition step by step, one ball at a time!

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