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Why Does GCP Work So Well?

When I first started my spiritual journey, back in 2006, I was given the spiritual practice of GCP (Ground, Clear, Protect)® from my guide. If you’ve watched the GCP video and started the practice, you know just how powerful it is. Such a quick practice with such a big outcome. I love it! I’m balanced, I’m stronger, and I can achieve so much more because of GCP. I’ll put a link below for more detailed instructions on the practice.

The key to why GCP works so well is all about you putting your loving focus on yourself. Intent practices work well but when a practice such as this one is done for yourself, taking a moment out of your day to care for your own energetic body, then it amplifies!

It works because it’s not just intent, it’s intent mixed with self-care. This easy task of GCP, when done daily, is a statement that you are worthy. It is an honoring of your spirit. Recognizing your energy body and telling it you care for it and it is important.

The Universe is Listening

When you mix intent with self-care the universe listens.This is true for all things, not just GCP. Our actions command our experiences. The action of loving yourself enough to take two minutes out of your day and focus on the health of your energy body is strikingly powerful.

The universe listens to emotions, not intent. This is why manifesting works better when you put an emotion behind it. If you want to manifest a new car for example, feeling the excitement of having that new car magnifies the manifesting. Same goes for GCP. Your love and value toward yourself when doing the practice is what makes the practice so strong.

Some Tips to Keep Your GCP Practice Strong

  • Before starting the practice take a deep breath in, recognizing that you are caring for yourself.
  • Make sure to incorporate symbols, elements, and colors that are significant to you.
  • After completing the practice take three deep breaths of gratitude.

And remember, if you don’t do GCP for a while, it’s not a huge issue. Just get back into the habit of doing it and you’ll soon be back to that delicious feeling of clear and balanced energy.

More detailed instruction on GCP can be found in the free course The Top Five Intuitive Tools. Click here to get started now.

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