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When the Future Doesn’t Look So Bright

Everyone can recall a moment in their life where they felt the future doesn’t look so bright. The crushing moment when you think the road ahead will be just as bleak as it is right now. That moment when you decide it won’t get better. We have all been there, if even for just a moment and in those moments there is despair.

Be in the Feelings

A wise man once told me it’s okay to have those feelings. It’s okay to be in them for the moment you are in them. But it’s not okay to live in them. I hold those words dear to my heart as they have helped me through a tremendous amount of turbulence in life. Those words have allowed me to have my disparaging moments, to explore them to their depths. Then to pick myself back up again to keep moving forward.

It’s those words that have made the moments of despair shorter and more navigable. They have given me the right to feel the lows so strongly that the highs have become stronger as well. In short, this practice is yet another of being in the moment. As a result, if we can be in the moment during the darkest hours, we can thrive in the moments of the brightest light.

Our Futures

The trick is to be in the moment of pain but never forget there is a future. There is a path ahead that is indeed brighter because none of us know our futures and that is clearly on purpose. But we all know there is constant change. and if we can swim through the tough times fully, the potential for positive change is enormous. And when the waters do get rough, and we can’t see over the waves, we have to hold tight in our hearts that there are calm, blue waters ahead.

There is a reason many people follow a spiritual path. They step on to the path to find bliss. The smoothest and softest waters are on the other side of some serious kick-ass waves. Most Importantly, the spiritual path is not letting the waves take you under.

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