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Intuition and Visual Cues

When reading for a client in person, it can be difficult to ignore the visual cues, body language, and facial expressions.  I find that I’m often looking away from the client so that I’m not getting any interference with the information coming in. Before my client thinks I’m rude, I usually explain that in order to concentrate. It’s easier for me to look at the floor or some point beyond them, say a wall. I was raised to look someone in the eye and found it difficult, almost rude, to look somewhere else while I was speaking to them. Certainly I didn’t want to alienate the person sitting in front of me. I found relief when I was on the phone with someone and didn’t have to purposely avoid a gaze.  

My Struggle With Visual Cues

The problem for me was that sometimes the person sitting in front of me was presenting themselves differently. For example, I had a very lovely lady sitting in front of me with a large diamond wedding ring. It reflected all sorts of light and was impossible not to notice. When information started coming in, I got no relationship in her life and felt that she was happy being single. Because of the ring, I stammered and avoided the subject of relationships. 

When it finally came through again and again, I finally spoke up. I said “I see your wedding ring, but I can’t feel a relationship around you. As a matter of fact, I see you very single.” I waited for some sort of argument or even a reprimand from her.  Instead, she looked at her ring and said, “I left my husband last week, I haven’t worked up the nerve to take my wedding ring off.” Ok, confirmation! Instead of trusting my instincts, I was relying on what my eyes saw. Because of that, I could have missed a great opportunity to give my client the information that she needed. Basically that she was supposed to be single at this point in her life.

Trust Your Intuition

In conclusion, the more you trust your intuition and learn how your intuition flows best for you, the better your sessions will be. As a result, you will be stronger in your reading technique and love your sessions even more.

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