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A Spiritual Protection Practice

If there is one practice you do daily, it is this one, spiritual protection.

The spiritual world affects us daily thus spiritual protection is important. In positive, beautiful ways and sometimes in chaotic and uncomfortable ways. This practice has proven to be priceless to those who use it. Spiritually clearing, grounding, and protecting is a statement of reclaiming your personal spiritual space and bringing you closer to your life path!

This protection practice filters out unnecessary negativity and unnecessary uncomfortable spiritual encounters. It is protective but will not isolate you or shut you down. Importantly, this process has been known to bring more positivity and amazing connections into people’s lives. It will speed your growth and ease the stress involved with personal and spiritual interaction.

This practice is a practice of intention. The combination of creating visuals in your mind and using strong intention and belief creates effective results. If you believe, then it is. At first, this practice may take some time. In time, it takes less than ten seconds to do.

It’s All About Routine

When you begin this practice, do it at least twice a day and at any point in which you feel uncomfortable. If after doing the practice, a negative situation still affects you, then that situation is important to your path and should be dealt with as needed. We should always be working to establish healthy personal boundaries in life. More likely than not, you will find that a quick ground, clear, protect will alleviate emotional distress within you and allow you to separate yourself from drama that is not yours.

For energy workers, this process will assist you in becoming more present in your work. More importantly, it will allow you to release what is not yours to carry, the negative energy you may have encountered when working with a client.

This is a process you can also apply to your home, children, and loved ones. Above all, always ask someone’s permission before doing it and set the intention of doing it for their highest good.

Be creative with your visuals. Make this practice personal by using elements and images important to you. This will heighten your intent and empower the practice. If you struggle with visualization, simply say the words out loud and trust that your voice speaks for your soul.

*Remember, intent is everything!*

Start Your Spiritual Protection Practice

Step 1 ~ Ground Yourself

Firstly, begin by grounding yourself. Ask Mother Earth to anchor you, to hold you safely and securely. For example, imagine your legs sinking into the ground, or tree roots coming out of your bare feet branching into the earth. When we ground, we are asking to be held and supported as we go higher spiritually. Just like a telephone pole… the deeper it is buried, the taller it can climb. The support of the earth will center you and give you the ability to go spiritually higher, safely.

Step 2 ~ Clear Yourself

Secondly, in your mind, use the image of wind, water, air, or any other element to clear yourself of negative energy, feelings or ailments. Be creative and use what resonates with you. Imagine water pouring through you, washing away negativity. Or, visualize wind blowing through your body releasing darkness. With the element of your choice, see the negative energy leaving your body. Witness the black clouds or sludge being cleared out of your personal space.

Step 3 ~ Protect Yourself

Next, build an energetic “shell” to protect the balance you have just created. Start with a bubble unless something else resonates with you more strongly. Make sure your protection is impenetrable, allow the bubble to be thick if needed.
And have confidence that in this space, you are safe.

Step 4 ~ Intention Speech for Spiritual Protection

In conclusion, let your guides and loved ones on the otherside know the purpose of your protection. Speak your statement out loud or in your mind. A good statement is this… “May all negative energy bounce off me and be sent back to spirit, and to sender, with love. Please allow only my highest good to come through.” By asking for the negative energy to be sent back with love, you are actively walking through this world making it a better place!

Click here for a free video version of this spiritual protection practice to learn in more detail why it works so well!

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