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How to be patient with your intuition

Figuring out how to be patient with your intuition is one of the biggest obstacles when it comes to developing it. I personally have a ton of experience with being impatient. It’s kinda my go to mode. So it took me a while to find the patience that allowed my intuition to relax and expand into what it is today. If you’re like me, and patience is a struggle, I’d love to help you find your center where balance encourages intuitive growth.

Okay, well maybe this email isn’t a master class, but I still want to give you some tips to move your forward intuitively. You know how much I love that! 😊

Why impatience blocks us

Here’s the kicker we need to remember when we are feeling impatient with the strength and/or access of our intuition… what we are thinking produces more of that result. Gah, I know. Blah! But it’s kinda true. So my tip for you today is to flip the switch on your impatience and turn it into a tool to actually super amplify that intuition of yours.

When you have an impatient thought about your intuition take these three steps:

  1. Catch the impatient thought red handed. “Aha, I see myself doing it!”
  2. Flip the thought around. Go from “Why is it taking so long to open up my intuition?” to the new statement “My intuition is opening up quickly.” (more suggestions below)
  3. Say the new statement three times and take one deep breath.

Additional thought flips…

  • “Why isn’t my intuition working?” flipped to “My intuition works so well.”
  • “Why can’t I get any intuitive information?” flipped to “I get so much intuitive information.”
  • “I will never be a strong intuitive.” flipped to “My intuition is super strong.”

Here’s the cool part of this process… you don’t need to stop yourself from being inpatient. Instead, see that impatient moment as a welcome reminder to actively manifest and rewire your path to more and more intuitive moments.

You’ve got this!

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