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The act of being hard on yourself is a roadblock for your intuition.

Being hard on yourself is good to a point. If you use it to push through a hill you are hiking, great. If you call on it to keep you motivated to finish a job at work, excellent. But when you are tough on yourself about your intuitive abilities, it stops the flow of intuition. The sheer act of coming down on yourself during a reading lowers your vibration, pulling you out of the intuitive flow. Out of the exact space you are trying to hold yourself in.

Your left brain is the culprit. It’s the thinker. Thus, it’s the one that pipes up loudly during a reading.
“Do you think that made sense?”
“What if I am wrong?”
“This just isn’t enough information.”

Your left brain, in these instances, is like a parrot. Spitting out the “hard on yourself” sentences you’ve been using your entire life. Habits shaped as daggers poking at the intuitive messages coming through.

What can we do about it?

Start a practice to catch yourself in the act of being hard on yourself. That’s the first step. Awareness of the habit and how prevalent it really is in your day to day life. Not just when you are doing an intuitive reading.

Catch yourself in every area of life, because this isn’t just something that happens to you when you do a reading. This is something that is a part of your day to day patterning.

If you can use your new awareness of when and how you are hard on yourself, you can then shift to the practice of opposites. When you catch yourself in the low vibration of self-judgement, hit your brain with the opposite. For example, tell yourself how awesome you really are. Use an affirmation to counter the downer in you.

Using Affirmations

“I always do my best which is more than enough.”
“Right now I am okay.”
“Today I am right where I should be and I am happy.”

When these affirmations start to take over the act of being hard on yourself, you are telling yourself, your guides and the universe this is the direction of change you want. This is where you want to exist and thrive. As a result, you have no more space in your life for self-judgement.

With time, and this practice under your belt, your confidence will increase. Will you relax into the flow of intuitive information, not interrupting it so much. In conclusion, the end result will be an increase in the strength of your intuitive abilities, what you were hoping for in the first place.

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