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Reigniting Your Spiritual Practices

When it comes to reigniting your spiritual practices, it can be vital when we enter a time of putting our spiritual path on the back burner. If you have let your spiritual practices fall by the wayside, you’re not alone. It’s a common thing for our human minds to get in the way of our spiritual paths. Happens to almost everyone I know, including myself!

Step one, do not be hard on yourself. Good, now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s get back on track.

Certainly, it happens to everyone. We are following our spiritual paths, meditating daily, smudging, reading metaphysical books, tapping in intuitively. Then, our human lives step in and our practices get put on the back burner. We get frustrated. We feel down about our progress. And we become hard on ourselves.

Why We Shouldn’t Be Tough on Ourselves

Because we are here for BOTH our spiritual experiences AND our human experiences. So, while some may see this “falling off the spiritual wagon” as a bad thing, it’s not. It’s natural.

Your spiritual life and your human life are like two kids playing on a seesaw. One of the children represents your human life and the other your spiritual life. As we walk our paths we toggle between focusing on our spiritual existence and our human existence. At times one has more heightened attention.

For instance, it is pretty typical someone would feel less intuitive during an intense time in their life like getting married, buying a home, or not so great experiences like divorce or death. These larger situations draw us closer to our human-self and preoccupy our human mind.

However when we have less stress and pressure in our day to day life, it is easier for us to quiet that human mind and connect to our higher sources such as guides, spirit or our own higher selves. This is the easiest time to do our practices, when we see the most results from them.

Forward Momentum Begins With a Step

If you notice your seesaw is stuck, your human mind is weighing it down, focus on adjusting. Do not focus on gaining perfection or reaching perfect balance. Instead, work simply on the small steps you can take to adjust back toward your spiritual practices. Five minutes of meditation. Ten minutes of journaling. Any small step toward balance.

When your human life is a lot to manage, tip the scales just slightly by getting back up on that spiritual wagon and in short time your spirit will be thriving again!

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