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Take Control of Your Empath Abilities

If any of the following sound familiar, really resonate with the flow of your life, then you are most likely an empath with empath abilities. Read on to learn how to balance and strengthen that amazing part of yourself.

Empaths are:

  • Selfless caregivers
  • Compassionate beings
  • Intuitives with heightened senses from birth
  • Individuals who identify and take on the underlying emotions of the other person
  • Souls who have trouble acknowledging where they begin and end and where another begins and ends
  • Loyal friends who have trouble cutting losses and leaving something behind
  • Overwhelmed by crowds
  • Hermits who prefer living in calm environments
  • Magnets for struggling people
  • Deeply connected to animals and nature

Empaths struggle with the burden of the emotions of others. This is by no fault of their own. They are simply wired to feel so deeply. And the layer that makes this even more difficult is the feeling of being alone with what is happening to them.

You are Not Alone With Your Empath Abilities

Good news is, as an empath, you are not alone. There are millions of people just like you who experience the same heavy burden of emotions from caring so deeply. But it doesn’t have to be all frustrations.

While nothing in this fascinating human experience is perfect, there are steps you can take to find more balance and strength on your life path as an empath. When practicing this type of self-care you will find in time that you have:

  • Less codependent relationships and more positively balanced connections
  • More people surrounding you who are excited to grow and advance on their path
  • Fewer moments of feeling sucked into what others think of you
  • A more deeply centered feel of being connected and not alone

Start with these simple steps. If you wish to dive deeper into your empath strength, visit the link below for more teachings.

  1. Practice daily GCP (ground, clear, protect). This intention exercise is quick and 50% of the battle as an empath. I’ve added a link below for instructions.
  2. Journal for ten minutes daily. Do this with the intent that you will be writing a note to yourself sharing your thoughts on what is burdening you and also what is lifting you up. By doing this you will see, right in front of you, the reality of how much burden you are currently carrying. This awareness, while sometimes heavy, is a first step toward making change.
  3. Create a small ceremony you can do, after journaling each day, to release some of the emotional and energetic burden you’ve been picking up along the way. Make it simple, like lighting a candle, speaking your intentions, and then blowing the candle out. This will symbolically send your wishes to your higher self and the universe. A simple step like this is very powerful for your daily balance.
  4. Lastly, spend at least a few minutes each day in gratitude. I can’t stress this enough how vital it is to raising your spiritual vibration and your mood in general. A little time in gratitude equals a massive amount of happiness.

Start with these simple steps and get excited when you begin to feel lighter and more energetic as the week goes on. Being an empath doesn’t have to be a horrible burden. It can be an invitation to honor and care for yourself with a little more vigor.

In the end, what most people have not expressed to you yet on your journey is that your empathic abilities are amazing. They are an important part of what makes you a glowing and vibrant person. Most people haven’t told you that in your lifetime, so I am here to say it to you now. Be proud of being an empath. You will help so many in your path. And you will help even more with a pattern of self-care and some time focused on yourself. Easy to say, I know. But a little time focused inward goes a very long way for an empath.

To learn more tools and how to balance and use your empathic abilities with strength, visit our Empathic Empowerment course ~ Click Here

For a free course on GCP (ground, clear, protect) visit this link ~ Click Here

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