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Don’t Forget About the Sixth Sense

When I think about all five of our senses plus our six sense, I imagine an old station wagon full of kids and a parent doing a headcount before taking off for the drive. “Sight, Sound, Smell, Touch, Taste… hey, where’s Intuition?” The neighbor yells from next door, “It doesn’t exist!”

For those of you working on increasing your intuition, the sixth sense you know is real, ignore the neighbor. Don’t give the naysayers your attention. Instead, work on using all of your senses, not just five of them, everyday.

Step One – Forget About the Doubters

If you already have forgotten them and moved on from listening to them, skip ahead to step two.

If not, there’s one thing you should hear. Doubters doubt to protect themselves. They may push their doubt onto you through judgement, but it’s not about you. It’s about them. About the insecurity they have in regards to intuition, spirituality, the paranormal, etc. I know this because I was once a skeptic and hung out among many skeptics. One common thread for all of us was the comfort of knowing the “things that go bump in the night” did not exist. Whew, no worries. In other words, the front door is locked and Casper the Ghost isn’t real!

Looking at it from this perspective, hopefully you can see what the doubters are experiencing, fear. They are beautiful souls who block possibilities for their comfort needs. We all have our limitations.

In short, the key is to stop focusing on their doubts and move on to step two.

Step Two – Start a Daily Practice

You have spent most of your life using your five senses. You are so in tune with the five senses you don’t even focus on the act of using them. It just happens. If you’re lucky and you find yourself deep in a moment of beauty or joy, you are more aware of the use of your senses. But day to day, it’s routine.

Now we are inviting the sixth sense to join in daily and it will happen, with time. That sixth sense, having not been used all those years, is a little behind the others. Thus, it’s a little rusty. This is where patience and persistence come into play.

In summery, your task, if you so choose to take it on, is to use your intuition daily AND let go of all expectations. Even the morning act of welcoming your intuition to deliver messages to you that day is all you need to get those old rusty gears running again. At first it’s a conscious effort on a daily basis. Then your intuition starts to speak up when you’re not expecting it to. And finally, with enough practice, your intuition is shiny and new again and working with you just as much as your other senses!

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