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Periodically it is helpful to organize yourself into calm.

As we pile on more and more things to fix, problems to solve and errands to run we cook up our own personal stew of stress. The kind of stress that you didn’t see coming. The kind that snuck up on you one piece of mental clutter at a time.

So Common

This pattern is so incredibly common. Rarely do I meet someone who has the skills to not tip into this type of internal chaos. It doesn’t matter if it’s mental, physical or emotional stress. Many, many of us do this.

The award goes to the person who can catch themselves before the stress builds out of control. For the rest of us there is one thing that can give us a quick leg up on this mental weight. A master to-do list!

Absolutely everything that is picking away at your mind, bubbling up over and over again, needs to be written down on your to-do list. Even if you can’t find a way to turn the mental clutter into an actual ‘to-do’, still write something down. It is important to organize.

We Hold On

We hold on to all of these thoughts because we care about each and every one of them. But they become a garbled web of chaos over time. By pulling them out of your head, writing them on paper, you can start to visualize them from an observer’s perspective. You can be that outside spectator that objectively reviews all the items that were once in your head and organizes them into a manageable plan.

One thing I love about this process is the lightening of each individual item. When we pull 48 stressful things out of our mind, write them down on paper and look at them just one at a time, they seem a little less ‘huge’. They are a slight bit more manageable and we can see them for the actual level of difficulty they really are. But all 48 items together, mashing around your brain matter… well, each and every one of them feel heavier when they are grouped together like that!

Jump In and Organize!

So start a list today. Categorize the lists. Organize your skull. Once you do, you will feel the freedom of forward momentum. You’ll feel stronger to tackle each and every one of them now that they are no longer ganging up on you. Your pen to paper is how you break up that gang. Bring it on!

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