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Negative Thinking ~ Turn it Around

Negative thinking patterns, the little ones, they creep up into our mind from time to time. Those pessimistic thoughts that have been bubbling up in our existence for years. The gloomy sentences that roll off our tongue with ease because, well, they always have.

“This is never going to work.”
“Why do I make things so difficult?”
“Why even bother.”
“Things will never change.”

Sound familiar? Yep. These are the types of statements that sneak up on you. They pop into your head like popcorn because they are based in a pattern. These statements are old habits. They are not who you really are or how you really think.

Over the years we take on these statements from our role models. Parents, teachers, aunts, uncles, bosses. And even though these negative sentences have become ingrained in our way of thinking, they don’t have to keep bubbling up. We can flip the switch on them.

Take a good look at why your role models made these statements. What was happening in their lives that those statements fit and worked for them at the time? What backwards way of protecting and loving you were they trying to achieve?

Many of our role models are doing the best they can by us and sometimes that comes with the old school thinking of ‘don’t get your hopes up’ and ‘be realistic about life’. Thought processes that keep you mentally safe and not out on a ledge. To dream big, just 30 years ago, was considered risky, even down right stupid.

Fast Forward to Today

We know more because we have a better understanding of how the universal energy works. We grasp the power of positivity now. So the old, limiting statements are just that… old. They don’t work to keep you safe. Instead they block the abundant flow that is right in front of you.

So flip that switch. Start a simple practice of catching these key, negative phrases as they roll through your mind. Make a firm statement that they are old and outdated, and replace them. Upgrade them with the truths you know today. Make the decision that you will think according to what you know and understand instead of what was taught to you years and years ago.

Catch and release the negative.
Replace with the positive.

This may take some time to succeed in tipping the scales from a negative state of mind to a positive one. But starting now will get you there that much faster!

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