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Over the years many have expressed to me the desire for proof. Why can’t my passed loved one give me better proof that they are around?

The answer is they don’t have to even if you have the desire for proof. It’s not a matter of them providing more proof, it’s a matter of you shifting your perspective on your connection with them to allow more proof into your life.

It’s there, available to you, but proof is more easily experienced the more you relax into it. Sitting frustrated with arms crossed and tapping your wrist watch impatiently blocks their ability to give you the signs you are actually wanting. Moments of intense and beautiful proof are there waiting for you if you learn to allow them in.

If you are standing outside at night demanding your loved one show you a shooting star, you will be staring up at space for a long time. Meanwhile, your loved one has successfully gotten your backyard squirrel to come over and sit next to your foot. But you missed the squirrel. You were too busy staring at the sky.

(sigh) Got it. Now what do I do?

Once you release control of the situation, you will be in a better receptive space. So start with dropping the bar when it comes to your expectations. Lower your ideals for what you will accept as ‘good proof’. Spend more of your time having faith and trust in your loved one and talking to them more often. Most importantly, be open to ALL possible signs they throw your way. Release the outcome and how you ‘need’ it to happen. When you can achieve this is when the proof will be more easily provided. Better yet, more easily received!

I know it can be an odd approach. But by dropping your need for proof, you will allow more and more proof into your life. Good stuff!

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