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Money Fear ~ A Refreshing Way to Release it

I had a great conversation recently with a good friend of mine about the fear around money. We talked about where our financial beliefs started. Big surprise, childhood. Pretty standard therapy-ish stuff, I know. But still important enough to take a good look at it one more time. Rehashing childhood patterns in this case gives us an opportunity to move through it.

Where to Start

Start with your important role models as a child.

  • Who was it in your life that modeled for you the struggle of money?
  • What defeating sentences do you remember hearing about finances?
  • What fearful behaviors did you witness around ‘having enough’?

The answers to these questions might be harsh for you. In addition, they might be things you wish had never happened. But they did. And now you have two choices moving forward. You can focus on what happened and sit in the frustration and anger of it. Or, a way better option, you can see the positive reasons behind the behaviors and forgive and let go

Take the answers to those questions and witness them in a positive light. What was the loving reason behind the negative patterns? Did your parents want to make sure you were okay? Were they protective and hopeful that you wouldn’t suffer? Similarly, were they keeping you in what they thought was a safe mental place so you wouldn’t be let down in the future?

Parents love and care for their children in their own way. As a result, they do the best they can with what they know. But that doesn’t mean we need to continue their patterns into our own lives. Instead, we can thank them for the lesson, release the old beliefs around money and create our own new ones.

Forward Steps

Create a practice that speaks to you and how you want to move forward to release your fear-based beliefs around money. This can be something you do alone at home like write new affirmations around money and read them out loud daily. Or you can write and burn a thank you letter to your parents for giving you an opportunity for growth around abundance. If you work better with others, you can join a support group or seek out a good coach. Either way, catching your younger self up to today and reclaiming your power over financial abundance is freeing.

In conclusion, whatever steps you take, they will be much more effective if they are done in a positive light. Focus not on the dark and negative emotions you were taught as a child. Instead, grab on to the positive, say thank you, and welcome abundance back into your life as you let go of the old, no longer useful, patterns.

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