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Every Negative Response Comes From Love

When it comes to a negative response, I’m going to start this blog post with the truth. We are love. All of us are beings built of, created from, and designed with love. Likewise we begin as love.

So, how do we get so cranky?! Well that’s what happens when a pure being, created 100% of love, gets jammed into a linear time line with human experiences. As an example it’s like shoving a floating, magical car down to the earth into rush hour traffic. The experiences we have in life do a lot to mold us into either an optimist or pessimist. Much of this is learned.

It’s Our Choice

It is our individual choice to stay in the negative, to continue to view things from this angle, or to shift our perspective. For many of us, we want out of that negative pattern as fast as possible. Check please! If you do want to shift from negative to positive, I say take baby steps. Start by catching yourself and looking at your behavior from an outside perspective. This alone is a practice that can take some time. Then, once you’ve got that under your belt, evaluate if the stance you are taking is the true one you want. Is this the right time for you to express a negative response or would a positive response be more effective?

Start With Awareness

Making adjustments within ourselves always starts with awareness. Awareness can be painful at times, but remember, it’s one step closer to reaching your goal. And if your goal is to reduce stress, bring more positivity into your life. Then take a good look at your negative responses through the beautiful love that is your true soul. As a result you will find the positive judgement instead.

That barking dog isn’t a bad dog. Your desire for tranquility is strong right now.

The person who cut you off in traffic isn’t a jerk. Above all, you just want everyone to be safe.

Little shifts, little tweaks. In the end, surely we can all break the habit of negative responses.

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