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Be in it and then Let it Go!

It can be difficult to let it go. It’s time you want and need and feel like you don’t have enough of. Not having enough time is a very common complaint. And while there are many obvious fixes to this. Cut back on TV time, consolidate your errand running, etc. There is one subtle time stealer that many don’t think about. It’s the time spent ruminating over an issue that isn’t resolved or causing you stress.

There are situations in life that will suck us into a thought pattern and keep us there for a while. It happens to the best of us. And there tends to be a direct correlation with how long we “stew” about an issue and how important the issue is to us. The more high up on our priority scale, the more time we allow ourselves to hold space for it in our minds.

What is Worry Doing?

While this makes sense, that something very important to you would be on your mind for quite some time, it is still taking up your energy. It is pulling you away from what is happening right now, in this moment. And in this moment there are opportunities to find peace, laughter, joy. All things that raise your vibration. Meanwhile what is the worrying doing? It’s lowering your vibration.

So, while it’s natural to worry or stew over a situation that is important to you, it is best for the sake of your energy and stress levels to be in the thought, allow yourself to explore it for a small amount of time, and then step out of it and let it go.

This Practice is Good for Any Situation

This practice of being in it and then letting it go is good for any situation in which you don’t have control over the outcome, you can’t currently do anything to change it’s direction and you aren’t actively dealing with it in the moment.

Stewing lowers your energy, increases stress and reduces your vibration. Start a practice today of catching yourself, stopping the pattern and then raising your vibration back up to be in the moment again. As a result, this practice comes more time available to you to experience this life in it’s fullest.

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