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Setting Healthy Boundaries on Top of a Spiritual Protection Practice

Healthy boundaries, life can be so good with them. But how to get started. You’ve grounded, cleared and protected yourself for a while now. If you haven’t don’t worry. Here is a link to a free video on how to do it (it’s super easy). You are starting to feel the effects of it. Seeing situations a little more clearly. Understanding your emotions a bit better. Building delicious positive energy within you. And then you interact with that one person who is very close to you that causes you pain and stress on a regular basis. And crash, there goes your protection, here comes the anger. It’s time for healthy boundaries.

People Pleaser?

We all have had people in our lives that we allow to step over our boundaries. Sometimes over and over again until the stress is unbearable. Either we are a people pleaser, or we desperately struggle with saying no. Maybe we are following family expectations or cultural tradition. Perhaps fear of abandonment. Whatever it is that is stopping us from setting healthy boundaries, it needs to be looked at and faced, soon.

Think about the process of spiritual protection for a moment. You are setting the intention that you are grounded and safe. You are sweeping out all that is negative and not for your highest good. And you are imagining a strong protective shell around you keeping you from taking on that which you are not suppose to take on. That protective shell is exactly the same thing as a healthy boundary. It is a statement of intent that what is not yours to carry should not cross that line.

So in addition to practicing your spiritual protection you also need to take a good hard look at your relationships and decide if you need to set any boundaries. If you do, then get to setting. If not, then you are rockin’ it!

Not Always Easy

I absolutely acknowledge that boundary setting can be very painful. Very difficult and emotional. If it wasn’t, we would have set the boundary up long ago. Search out assistance if you need it. Friends, therapy, self-help audios or books. Move forward with it at the pace you feel comfortable. Make the boundary when you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the situation is NOT for your highest good. And when that healthy boundary is set your spiritual protection will be that much stronger.

Do you need some tools to get started? Visit the Facebook Group ‘The SAGE Community‘ or check out The SAGE Circle if you are looking for more spiritual growth and community to support you!

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