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Deepening Our Communications

Deepening our communications invites magic into our life. This is because we are on linear time and nothing heals our relationships more on linear time than communication.

One magical, hypnotizing aspect of being on this linear time line is how life slips into a pattern. Call it a comfort zone or a habit, the settling into a pattern reduces the number of possibilities surrounding us at any one point in time. One way to open these possibilities up again is through communication.

Those Who Are Closest to You

I’ll begin with your communications with those who are closest to you in this life. The more you get to know someone and the stronger your daily pattern with them becomes, the sooner your communication may to float a surface level. What was at first communication based in exploration and curiosity, is now communication drowning in assumptions. Also, drowning in routine. As a result there is a lack of understanding where the person is today. And leads to the assumption that they are in the same space they were in back in the day, back when the communication was still deep and exploratory.

When it comes to communicating, if we were to treat our longest relationships like our newest relationships we would thrive! And I’m not talking about asking basic questions of how their day went. Instead I mean going deeper into the conversation to discover how they felt about a situation that day, or what their hopes are around it. This practice results in a much deeper connection, deeper bond and more peace.

It’s Good For You

And what is good for your relationships is also good for you. Which leads me to ask, do you have good communication with yourself? It is incredibly important to your spiritual path. When was the last time you sat in peaceful silence, with no one around, and had a deep an engaging conversation with yourself? A conversation about where you have been, where you are now, where you would like to go. Above all, how did you feel about being there, feel about here and now and feel about the future.

Good communication is a practice of being in the moment. Present, here and now. Connected at an emotional level. No assumptions from the past.

Let’s Start Deepening Our Communications!

Want to deepen your relationship with someone (even yourself)? Then ask more questions, and listen. Deeper communication assists us in experiencing our current path to the fullest. And after all… that’s why we are here!

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