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Lifelong Affirmations

We all have been using lifelong affirmations, we just didn’t know it. Let me start with an example.

I was doing a spiritual clearing of a professional office the other day and the woman’s guides began talking to me about her intuitive strength. They explained how her intuition is more often than not very strong, and as a result everything usually works out for her in the best ways. So much so that her friends even accuse her of being lucky. She agreed with the statement and shared with me that her nickname from her friends was even based on being lucky. This got me to think again about the concept of affirmations and how we can create lifelong affirmations.

When someone says to me “I have to start using affirmations.” or “Maybe I should try affirmations.” my response is always the same. “You’ve been using affirmations your entire life, you just weren’t aware of it.”

Every Thought is an Affirmation

Every pattern of thought, every cycle of life where we are trying to get from A to B is backed by affirmations, consciously or subconsciously. You’ve already been using affirmations all along, and at times just not the ones that would produce what you wanted.

Take some time to listen to your daily thought patterns. What is it you are saying to yourself frequently? Is it the outcome you want to see happen? Or is your inner dialogue more about the limitations you are fearful of? There is a pattern in there. If you pay attention you will see it. And it just might be stopping you from flowing smoothly, forward on your path.

Make Your Affirmations Strong

To make your affirmations very strong, or to open up the affirmation channel even wider, we need to create a practice of cleaning out the negative affirmations. The ones you’ve been running through your mind habitually. This is an intentional statement identifying the negative, subtle pattern and releasing it. Yes, start positive affirmations immediately. But, also be aware of the negative affirmations as they run through your mind. Catch them and release them back to your higher self, the universe, source, etc. Bring in the light and at the same time clean out the dark. Double up that forward momentum!

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