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See a Deceased Loved One in Dreams

Having worked as a professional medium for so many years, I’ve met countless people who wanted to know if they could see a deceased loved one in dreams. Connecting with them in a dream state is actually one of the more simple ways to visit with them. So my answer is always, “Yes, go for it!” In this post I’ll answer a few questions and share with you some quick tips on how to connect with them while you sleep.

How Do I Know it’s Really My Deceased Loved One in Dreams?

When your loved one visits you in your dream state it will feel very, very real. You will experience the dream as if you were awake. It is a different experience than regular dreams. For most people, when they wake up from having an average dream their memory of what happened is vague and fades quickly. When you have a dream with a loved one, you connect with them in between this realm and their realm. The result is an experience you can easily hold on to and remember after waking up.

Is it Easy For Them to Connect With Me in My Dreams?

Yes. This is because in a dream state our left brain is quiet. The analytical, human part of us is lulled to sleep and doesn’t get in the way as much as it does in our waking state. We are more free to flow into the spiritual realms and connect with spirits there. This makes it easier for us to feel, see, and hear our loved one in the dream. To put it another way, when we are sleeping we get “out of our own way.” It’s in the actual waking state that we over analyze things too much and block our intuitive connection. Thus, it is easy for them to connect with you when you are sleeping. This is when your intuition isn’t congested with your human thoughts.

Three Steps to Connecting with Your Deceased Loved One in Dreams

  1. Get into a routine of chatting with them daily. Even if it’s just for five minutes and even if it is only a one way conversation. This mental connection through speaking to them will raise the vibration between the two of you, making it easier for them to reach out to you in a dream state.
  2. Write them a note and put it next to your bedside at night. You can also find something meaningful of theirs and place that next to your bed as well. This physical act of acknowledging them will intensify the energy and intent.
  3. Let go of all outcomes. This is a hard one, I know. But if we hold onto a desired timeline of when the connection will happen in our dreams, we put a small mental block into the energetic field. So release the “when” and know that the timing will be perfect.

And when you have that beautiful moment, hold it close to your heart. Say thank you and stay open to it happening again and again.

Love to you on your magical journey,

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