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Conscious Listening with Boundaries

How can we practice conscious listening and be the best version of ourselves? With just a few simple steps!

We all know that friend or relative who is dying to talk your ear off about their problems and life issues. That one person who doesn’t necessarily want to DO anything about their problems. They just want someone to hear them complain. Keep that person in mind as you read this blog and learn how to protect yourself while still being a compassionate listener.

Let’s Not Analyze

It would be a waste of time to go over why these people feel the need to spend more time complaining than fixing their problems. We can save that for another day. This moment is about you and how you can save your energy from being drained slowly, moment by moment.

Conscious Listening Begins With Love

Conscious listening starts with your love for them. If you didn’t care about this person, you wouldn’t allow yourself to sit through the droning and whining. You know that is their personality and you love them unconditionally. Excellent place to start. Now, time to get slightly, and not obviously, selfish.

When this situation comes up and you are torn between wrapping your arms around them and running away at a sprinter’s pace, take a deep breath and ‘bubble up’. Use your intention to create a bubble around yourself that shields you from the energy of the words coming at you. It doesn’t stop you from hearing them, but it does eliminate the dark, heavy, negative energy floating on top of the words. That is the energy draining you.

With your shields up…

#1 Listen carefully and attentively to what your loved one is saying.

#2 Fill your bubble with unconditional love to soothe yourself and remind yourself that you are sharing a moment of love.

#3 Let your unconditional love overflow outside of your bubble to support and care for them.

End result… you are filled with love, they are feeling the love and you are an excellent listener!

This is just one example of how taking care of yourself first can greatly benefit others. And an excellent reason to start your spiritual protection practice today!

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