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Saying Goodbye to the Past

While saying goodbye to the past can seem like a massively difficult task, releasing our past serves us in many, many ways. As we let go of our past emotions and reduce the amount of time spent focusing on past memories, we free ourselves emotionally to connect deeper into what is happening currently in our lives.

I’m not saying it’s easy saying goodbye. Absolutely not. But changing our patterns can change our lives. Letting go of the mental game, the habit of cycling negative, old memories over and over again increases our ability to be the creator in our own lives.

Every moment spent rehashing the old is a moment taken away from being present, from being the observer and creator. When we focus on what is happening in this instant, we are connected perfectly to our reality. Manifestation is easier. Affirmations are more effective. Abundance is more abundant.

A Reminder

While I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know, it helps to hear it time after time. This is because saying goodbye to past situations can be really tough to do. Not something that is typically done overnight.

So if you are wanting to shake lose the grip the past has on you, start with small steps. Start with simply catching yourself in the act. Notice how often you reside in the past. That awareness alone will give you the desire to change. And your newly found desire, well that’s the gas for the engine that will drive you out of the pattern.

Awareness, the first step, is simply the willingness to see it. Releasing, the second step, needs a little more creativity. Create a practice that speaks to you. Imaging pulling the old, negative thought out of your mind and sending it away in some creative fashion. Bubble it up, box it up, stick a label on it that says ‘Not Here’. Any process you can create to let go of that negativity taking up real estate in your brain is a good thing.

In Summary

Focusing on the past takes away from your ability to create the life you wish to have. So take steps to move toward the moment now. First, catch yourself. Second, release the thoughts. Third, enjoy the moment!

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