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Using Physical Sensations for Intuitive Messages

When my intuition first started to open I relied heavily on physical sensations for intuitive messages. My visual skills were not very strong as was the same for my hearing abilities. Both of which would strengthen at a later date and become my core tools for intuition. But in the beginning physical sensations were my lifeline. They were all I had.

I opened intuitively, as result of my grandmother passing away. A very sad time and also confusing. I began to feel odd physical sensations I hadn’t felt before. The first time I encountered her after her death was a visual experience, she was standing in my living room for a brief moment and then was gone. But after that however, for at least a few months, I did not see her visually. I only felt her.

Using Yes and No Questions

I was grateful for the physical sensations because they were at first a way for her to let me know she wanted my attention. And then later they grew into different messages. Beginning with yes and no answers. With time I was able to distinguish what a yes “felt” like and a no “felt” like. I was able to rely on that to ask her questions and discover what it was she was trying to tell me.

With even more time I was able to work hard, focus, declutter my life and open up my intuition further to be able to see and hear intuitively as well. But I have never let go of the physical sensations. Today they are the icing on the cake when I am reading for a client. They are the confirmation and clarification of something I may see or hear intuitively.

In Summary

Physical messages with intuition doesn’t get a lot of hype compared to visual or auditory messages. But they are an incredible guide and confirmation tool if you open yourself to accepting them.

If you’re just starting out, ask your guides and loved ones to give you a physical sensation as a sign they are with you. Start from there and know the possibilities are endless!

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