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Sometimes it’s Hard to Walk Alone on Your Spiritual Path

It can be hard to walk alone on your spiritual path. I experienced this in the beginning of my spiritual journey. In the beginning of my spiritual path I spent hours talking to my guide whom I lovingly named ‘Big Dog’. He was who I would turn to because I found sometimes it’s hard to walk alone on your spiritual path. He was very helpful with my feelings of being alone.

My Questions Answered

Caring and compassionate, Big Dog would answer my questions. Most of the time he was direct. But sometimes he would answer me by assigning a task. Tasks I did because they always helped me understand something on a deeper level.

One particular day I sat in the woods with Big Dog. I asked him a question that turned into a rant. “What can I do to not feel so alone with all this spiritual stuff?” (insert super tiny pause before I began my rant) “Here I am, middle of my life, just opening up to my spiritual path with no one to talk to about it. Yes, I can talk to the therapist but only on Tuesdays at 2pm. But other than that, I’m alone. My husband doesn’t want to hear it. My friends aren’t interested in it. So here I sit. All this stuff happening to me and no one to talk to about it.”

(long pause in the woods) Big Dog finally responded in that subtly frustrating way with instructions instead of an answer. “Your task is to walk through these woods until you find a strikingly beautiful flower. Inspect the flower closely. See the sun shine on its petals. Witness how the colors blend together. Feel how soft it is,” he said. “Then, for the rest of your life, tell no one about the beauty of the flower.”

Finding the Flower

I did as he said and found the flower that day. (I’d tell ya about it but I can’t, giggle). That night I laid in bed, my husband almost asleep next to me. I felt that deep, alone feeling again. That’s when I saw an image of the flower lift up and out of my mind, float across the room and settle into his mind. As it floated it became less colorful and I started to lose some of the memory of it. The flower became grey and hollow.

That’s when I understood what Big Dog was trying to show me. When you share experiences with someone who doesn’t want to hear it or sits in judgement of you, it will lower the energy of the experience, turning it grey. If you share an experience with someone who is authentically interested in hearing it and excited for you, it will raise the vibration of the experience, keeping it in its full beauty.

Loneliness is Real ~ Hard to Walk Alone

Loneliness on a spiritual path is real. I have personal experience with it myself. But many of us focus our loneliness on wishing those who are close to us, the ones who do not support us, will change their mind and start to support us. While there is a chance that may happen, you are still waiting on someone else to make you feel less lonely.

Find community. Find your people. Connect with others that share your interests and watch the loneliness subside. Share your experiences with those who are authentically interested.

What Happens When You Find Community

Today I am surrounded by friends who support me and share my common interests. What’s really neat about the present… I don’t feel the urge to tell all my stories. Because today I know at any moment my friends will be there for me, ready to listen. Without loneliness, I can focus on my experiences and enjoy the time spent with my community.

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