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Unleash Yourself and Make Someone Smile

When you unleash yourself and make someone smile you bring joy into the world. Think back to when you were young. I love seeing a kid in public wearing goggles, a tutu and bunny ears. It warms my heart!! We all had that spirit when we were young. And then… we grew up. A few lucky ones held on to their whimsical side. But the rest of us, we locked it up. Tucked it away where the world couldn’t see it. Safely hidden so no judgement could be placed on it.

And now here we are. What people think of us is ingrained in so many of us. Some more than others, but it is human nature to have some level of concern around other people’s opinions of you.

Even With Confidence it Can Be Hard to Share

I personally have a very strong level of confidence in my life yet there I was, thirty-one years old (the year I turned from skeptic to intuitive), telling the world I was a medium for the first time. I was faced with discomfort and fear. When a stranger asked me what I did for a living I would gulp! I instantly worried what they would think when I said “I’m a medium.” I pushed myself to say it but I tiptoed into it at first. “Ah, yeah, my work is spiritual in nature. I, um, communicate on a spiritual level with people.” The stranger would tilt their head puzzled, so I continued, “I’m ah, um a medium.”

But each time I said those words I gained a little more confidence. I witnessed people’s reactions and they weren’t bad at all! Even the skeptics would first tell me they’re skeptic but then follow it up with a ghost experience they had years ago (chuckle inside). And the believers, they would embrace me right away. Either way, I realized I was worrying way too much about what people thought of me.

Have Fun With Your Silly Side

It doesn’t matter if it’s telling people about your spiritual path, signing up to juggle in town square, singing while you walk through a parking lot. When you unleash yourself don’t be afraid to show your creative, crazy, fun, different self to others.

In the end, you’ll be giving them a gift. You’ll plant a seed in their mind that maybe, just maybe it’s okay for them to let go of what people think and just be their amazing whimsical self!

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