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Baby Steps to Clarity

Baby steps to clarity is quite the concept if you are someone who craves instant gratification. And instant gratification is so common. I know I’ve had many a moment myself.

Once a person settles into the belief that all is possible and walks through that intuitive doorway, they find themselves wanting their intuition to work for them right NOW! While some of you are peacefully going along for the ride, there are many of you who are trying to run up that intuitive mountain at top speed. Some wishing there was a darn gondola ready to bring you there.

Intuition Takes Time

Clarity of intuition takes time to uncover. Ask a strong intuitive you know and they’ll tell you themselves. Intuition is something that rises to the surface slowly. With time, and commitment to practices, you will get there. Just maybe not tomorrow.

Going from a beginner intuitive to a skilled intuitive is like standing in an empty swimming pool that is slowly filling with water and you have never swam before today. At first the water rises up to your ankles, allowing you to feel the sensation of it. It then continues to pour in, rising up to your thighs and pauses again. You walk around the pool experiencing a new sensation on your legs.

Once you’re confident in your underwater strides, the water rises to your neck and you become more buoyant. You walk around on tiptoes, bouncing slowly with no jarring on your feet. You get used to navigating the pool at this depth. But the water then rises one last time up over your head. You float to the top, relying on that feeling of buoyancy. You, for the first time, move across the pool without using your feet at all. It feels wonderful. As a result, soon you’ll be diving and doing flips under the water. Soon you’ll be out of the pool and ready to cannon ball back in whenever you feel like it.

The Experience of Opening

This is the experience of opening and uncovering your intuition. Learning how it feels and what you are capable of and how you can move through it. therefore, without this experience of uncovering, you would have gone from an empty pool to underwater in an instant. A much more unnerving experience.

So allow yourself to take baby steps. Enjoy the experiences you are having in the place you are now. Let go of expectations and have fun in the water. Likewise, be grateful you didn’t go from dry to unable to touch the bottom in one day.

In the end, with focus, devotion and intention your intuition will uncover itself. With time your ability to navigate through your unique intuition will become stronger.

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