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Using Intuition in a Relationship

When it comes to using intuition in a relationship…

Do you use it day to day in your relationships?
Can you use it to check into what someone close to you is thinking or doing?
Is it ethical?
My answers – sometimes, no, and it depends. LOL, let me elaborate.

Using intuition in a relationship can be tricky when we create a close bond with someone else. Being close to someone automatically puts us in their energy field on a regular basis. When that happens, we are able to pick up intuitive information about them more easily. So how we hold ourselves intuitively in the relationship becomes very, very important to the health and trust of that relationship.

Just as we wouldn’t peek into their personal diary, we shouldn’t be peeking into their thoughts. But, on the other side of this intuitive coin, intuition can help us navigate ourselves in the relationship for the best outcome of both people involved.

When is it good to use intuition in a relationship and when is it not so good?

Overall, in any relationship, it is always unethical to purposely try to tap into someone else’s personal thoughts or actions. What they think, feel, and do is their private business. And, most of the time, you wouldn’t be able to get accurate information if you tried that anyway. Their spiritual guides wouldn’t allow it (love those protective spirit guides).

But there are times when tapping in is okay in a relationship. It’s just a matter of using your intuition with integrity and honor. Asking for intuitive information about yourself and what you can do in certain situations that come up between the two of you is great. Also, there will be times the other person will ask you to tap in for them. If you are comfortable with that, then go for it.

So how do you interact with the other person, allow your intuition to naturally flow as it always does, yet remain ethical?

It is explained best with three statements:

  • If intuitive information about someone close to you comes to you without you asking for it, then it was supposed to come through and it is okay to receive.
  • Never purposefully use your intuition to find out something about them, or what they’re thinking, without their verbal permission first.
  • If you want to tap in with your intuition, always ask about yourself in the relationship, not about them.

For example, if you are in a fight with someone, it is always best to ask your intuition about yourself. Should I stand my ground? Should I apologize? What is the best thing I can do in this situation?

What you do not want to do is tap into the other person’s energy field to ask prying questions. Why are they really mad? What are they thinking? When are they going to calm down?

Think of their energy field as their private journal. If they share a page with you, then read it. If they don’t share that page with you, then don’t try to open the journal without asking them first.

One last thought.

Lastly, because I suspect you might have this question, is it okay to ask about someone you’re close to during a reading? The answer is yes. In this case, when you get an intuitive reading from someone, the reader will only be able to receive information they are supposed to share with you (the metaphorical journal pages that are okay for you to see). They won’t get information they are not supposed to give. Side note – just make sure to get a good reader so you know the information is accurate.

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