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Yes or No Intuition

If you don’t already have a style of yes or no intuition, let’s get started right now finding it.

This practice of asking yes or no questions is for everyone. For beginners, new to using their intuition, it’s a fantastic foundational starting point to build on. For those who have been using their intuition for years, it’s a great tool you can use to get confirmation on the messages you are receiving. I highly recommend keeping yes or no questions at the top of your tap in list.

Why yes or no intuition works so well

Asking yes or no questions is one of the best ways to get higher accuracy with psychic and mediumship messages coming through. Heck, I use it daily simply for myself and my own personal guidance. It’s my go to tool of choice when I ask my guides a question.

I suggest this question process of yes or no for one main reason… yes and no come through our intuitive channels stronger than other types of information. There is a foundational reason for this. Yes and no are polar opposites. They have very, very different vibrations. As a result, we can feel the difference between them with more ease.

How it doesn’t work

If you have tried getting yes or no answers in the past but weren’t successful here are a few reasons why it might not have worked.

  • You had too strong of a vested interest in the outcome
  • Too much happening in your human life is causing your intuition to dull
  • You haven’t found your personal yes and no style

I will be back next week to discuss the first two of these items. But for today, let’s talk about the third item. Your personal style of asking yes or no questions. I’ll start by sharing mine with you and then talk about how you can find yours.

How it does work

For me, when I ask a yes or no question, I wait until I get a vision of giant letters falling from the sky and landing in front of me spelling either yes or no. Is this how I set it up? Nope. I asked my guides to show me how yes and no come through the strongest for me. I sat still for a bit until I started to see them in my third eye landing in front of me. I’ve relied on them ever since.

Let’s find your strongest yes and no answers

  • First, start from scratch and let go of all preconceived ideas of how yes and no will intuitively come through for you.
  • Next, find somewhere to sit quietly and ask your guides to show you your yes and no answers. Stay open to them showing up as smells, physical sensations, sounds, or visions.
  • Lastly, when you experience your unique version of a yes and a no, say thank you to your guides and keep asking yes or no questions each day for a number of days until you feel it is anchored into your intuitive toolbox.

This one technique will turn you into an intuitive compass and help you thrive on your spiritual path. Cheers to yes and no!

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