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Balancing Yourself Opens Your Intuition

From time to time we find ourselves tired and exhausted from simply being unbalanced. When this happens our intuition dulls and we want to access it again like we did when it was stronger. Bottom line, balancing yourself opens your intuition.

If you’ve been feeling unbalanced lately, then this blog is perfect timing for you.

Occasionally the energy around us can pull us deeper into our human lives and away from our spiritual centeredness. If this is happening for you, it will pass soon, no worries.

What does this energy do?

Well, it tips the balance that is super important for your intuition to flow smoothly. When we balance between focusing on our human lives and equally on our spiritual paths, intuition flows at its peak. Another way to say this is balancing between taking care of the human stuff in our lives (people, responsibilities, etc.) and taking care of ourselves and our spiritual core.

balancing yourself opens your intuition

Just like the rocks in the photo, we are at our intuitive best and most peace when we are balanced. One side is the human stuff and the other is our spiritual core. Occasionally we will tip further in the human direction for a period of time. We might find ourselves giving too much of ourselves or taking on things we shouldn’t have.

When this happens, our intuition might weaken for a bit. There is nothing wrong with this. It’s just something that happens naturally. And never fear, it will come back… when the balance returns.

Is this bad?

Nope. This happens every now and then and it is supposed to happen. Big events like getting married, moving to a new house, a new job… all pull our attention into our human experience. These events are supposed to be in your life.

But when the big events are over and/or you succeed in setting that healthy boundary you know you need to set, you will regain balance. And with that, your intuition will begin to flow stronger and with more ease.

How to move forward

Take a moment and sit with where you are right now. Do you feel balanced or drained? Are there changes you can make in your life? Perhaps a little decluttering? If yes, then don’t hesitate to make the changes. You are worth it!

Love to you as you regain your balance!

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