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Feeding Your Soul and the Blue Ridge Tunnel

In this episode, Feeding Your Soul and the Blue Ridge Tunnel, the synchronicities are back! I discuss being in a balanced state, feeding your soul with your passion, and the intuitive experience I had in the Blue Ridge Tunnel.

Feeding Your Soul and the Blue Ridge Tunnel Episode Highlight:

“Find a creative way to just start brainstorming. There might not be a solution right out of the gate, but start brainstorming. Maybe there’s a way to put all of your art supplies in a certain place so you can just pull them out from like that bench seat by the kitchen table or maybe there’s a way to create your photography kit and and store it in one particular place so it’s super easy to access. There’s a lot of different things that different people do and we can always be creative on how to bring them into our lives.”

Beau’s RV Set Up:

Ford F-350 Dually (Nicknamed Calypso)
42′ Fifth-wheel Momentum M-Class 395 (Nicknamed The Pearl)

Cracking Open: Adventures of a Reluctant Medium

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