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Why Do Spirits Get Stuck

While it is rare, it does happen that spirits get stuck when transitioning to the otherside. When an individual passes away the journey they take is a loving one. Like many of us have heard from people who have had near death experiences, crossing over to the otherside is automatic, full of love, and so very beautiful. But occasionally an individual will stop during their crossing over process and become stuck.

A large percentage of these cases are a result of fear. Fear of a variety of things. Most of the time it’s fear of hell or punishment due to something bad they have done in life. Sometimes it’s fear of leaving someone or something behind. And at other times it is fear induced by confusion.

A handful of these individuals who become stuck are paused on their journey as a result of another spirit influencing them. There are even cases of an individual staying in the inbetween on purpose to learn, work, or explore.

Overall however, it is a very, very small number of individuals who get stuck in their transition to the otherside. The majority of individuals transfer through the smooth, light-filled journey with ease.

How Do I Know if a Spirit is Stuck?

The biggest sign that a person is stuck in the inbetween is their emotional focus. We here on Earth are living in a linear timeline. This means while we are here in this lifetime we are able to have emotions that are only available to us in linear time. Emotions such as anger, impatience, surprise, and worry (just to name a few). When someone crosses over to the otherside, they are no longer on linear time and no longer in the emotions of anger, impatience, surprise, and worry.

So the easiest way to gauge if a spirit is stuck or not is to “sense” or “feel” their emotions. Are they worried? Are they angry? If yes, they most likely have not crossed over yet. The opposite is if they are calm, balanced, and helpful. Those are signs they have completed their transition to the otherside and crossed over.

What Can Be Done to Help Stuck Spirits

Most of the time a spirit can be assisted by you with love. This is not rocket science that only a few people are able to do. Remember, we are all connected, we are all one, and your intention is a powerful and amazing tool. When you set your intention to help them, you will.

In the rare case you come across someone who is stuck and you struggle with helping them (this is rare) or you are fearful, then you should reach out to a professional and ask for assistance.

Steps to Take to Help a Stuck Spirit

When and if you come across a spirit who is experiencing some of these linear timeline emotions, first stop and balance your own energy and energetic body. This is an important step to take to not only guard your own energy from being influenced by the situation, but also to get yourself into the right vibration to help at your best. This is easily done with GCP (ground, clear, protect) ~ see the link below.

After a quick GCP, sit in silence for a moment to “feel” the energy of the spirit. If you feel fearful or angry emotion, you know the spirit is stuck and needs assistance. Send the spirit white light filled with unconditional love. Talk to them, encouraging them on their journey. Send them strength to accomplish their task of crossing over. This loving gesture can be all it takes most times to assist a soul on their journey home.

What if I Run Into Stuck Spirits Often?

If you find yourself in this situation frequently it might just be the case that you are being called to do this work. There are never too many of us helping spirits on their crossing over journey. That would be saying there is too much love in the world and well, there can never be too much love.

Find a mentor and/or take a course on crossing over work. Get some tools under your belt so you are more prepared to handle the variety of situations you will come across.

Most importantly, be honored to do the work. You are making a difference in so many lives. Helping one individual find their way home to the otherside means helping all their ancestors, soul group members and the generations below them.

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