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A Crabby Day at Work

In this episode, A Crabby Day at Work, I found myself irritated. I just was in the wrong state of mind and I had to shift back into a more balanced state of mind in order to do the job.

Episode Highlight

I could do was roll my eyes and think, ‘Oh this is gonna this is gonna take longer than I want. I’m tired and now I’m frustrated and you’re not like helping me out at all here.’ Then I could hear him say something that was corny like, ‘Be doomed.” Or something like that. In my head it was like, ‘Dude. Demons? No. Hell? No. None of that is in the context of the work I do. You are not a demon. You’re not from hell. You’re not dark and you’re not scary. So if you could get over yourself when we could just have a conversation so you can move on from this space. That would be fantastic.’

All of a sudden this male spirit, who had been stuck for quite a period of time, moved a refrigerator in the basement right behind me. He moved the refrigerator about six inches. It slid across on it’s own. I remember turning around and seeing it kind of come to a stop.”

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