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The Pirate and the Windstorm

In this episode, The Pirate and the Windstorm, I share with you the day I met a pirate that needed my help.

Episode Highlight:

“He came a little bit closer and when he came closer I recognized that he was very shabby. His clothes looked very purposeful but kind of ragged and worn. He had a heavy beard and frazzled hair. I think he knew that I was looking at his appearance, because he stopped for a minute and he said, ‘I was a pirate.’ I looked at him and my my naive brain instantly went, ‘No you weren’t! That’s not what pirates look like.’ And then I went, ‘Wait a minute. My brain equates pirates with Disney pirates, not actual pirates.’ I let my mind go all the way through that, and when I looked at him again. I went, “Yeah you were.” His coat was very worn but very purposeful. Then he started again and he said, ‘I need to help her.'”

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