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Crossing Over ~ 3 Popular Questions About the Death Transition

I have worked as a Collector since 2007. My job as a Collector is to assist individuals who are stuck in their death process and need assistance crossing over to the otherside.

Over the years I have been asked some really interesting questions about the death transition. I’ll cover three of the more popular questions here. Also, I will discuss what you can do personally to assist loved ones and spirits to cross over with ease.

Question #1 ~ Who Gets Stuck and Why?

The majority of people who go through their death transition to the otherside will cross over with amazing ease. The transition to the otherside is pretty much automatic, like an automatic people mover headed straight to the most beautiful, love filled place you will ever experience. You can see how most individuals would thus find it easy to cross over. But there are a very small number of people that will struggle with the transition process and become stuck.

When it comes to reasons someone might get stuck, there are both negatives and positives. Some will resist their transition to the otherside out of fear of the unknown, fear of hell, or even fear of leaving others behind. Some will dig their heels in because they don’t want to miss something, like their child’s graduation or wedding. While others will simply struggle with confusion, perhaps unaware they have passed away and try to stop the forward movement. There are many, many reasons why someone would pause on that big old loving people mover. At the root of most of these reasons is fear.

Question #2 ~ Does Someone Become Stuck Because They Committed Suicide?

When a person loses someone to suicide they can wonder if their loved one will struggle in death. This is partially due to some organizations condemning suicide as a sin. While many today reject the idea that suicide is a sin, some sadly still preach that it is. This can lead to living survivors worrying about their deceased loved one.

I am not an expert on suicide by any means. I can only share with you what I have experienced as a Collector as a possible answer to this question. Since 2006, having done countless crossing over transitions with individuals who were stuck, I have only seen less than a handful of victims of suicide who were actually not moving forward in their process to the otherside. I asked my guide why so few suicide victims get stuck on their death journey. He reminded me of the people mover we talked about earlier… it brings an individual directly to peace, which is what many victims of suicide are searching for. Thus, very few victims of suicide will stop the process of crossing over. They fearlessly chose peace and as a result, their transitions are flowing and easy.

Question #3 ~ Why Can’t Guides on the Otherside Help Someone Who is Stuck?

I asked this exact question myself when I first started working as a Collector. And I got a really interesting answer, one based on free will. Think of this earthbound experience as being one big playground with a huge fence around it. Our guides and loved ones are on the outside of that fence cheering us on and directing us toward our path. But they are not inside the playground with us. To be inside the playground would be to take on human form. This fence acts as the barrier between the human world and the spiritual world. That barrier is what allows us “kiddos” in the playground to have free will. We can hangout at the slide all day or head over to the swings for a while.

Now, when it comes to crossing over, in this analogy someone would move through the fence to the otherside. But there is a bit of free will we still experience until we get to the outside of the fence. Thus, a deceased individual can stop the transition process before crossing the fence. At this point, the guides will look to helpful humans inside the fence to connect with the spirit and encourage them to move through the fence where the guides and loved ones can embrace them fully and help them finish their transition.

Bonus Question ~ Can I Help Someone With Crossing Over?

Yes, yes and please do! When a spirit is stuck in their transition it means they are struggling. There are cultures all around the world that have incredibly beautiful rituals for their loved ones who are dying and or who have already passed to assist them with their transition. And you can assist as well, even if you aren’t a part of those traditions.

It’s all about intention and love. Your loving thoughts toward their peaceful transition is 90% of the technique. Remember, it is very rare for someone to get stuck, but if you feel a loved one of yours is paused, the love you send them will provide them with the strength to continue moving forward on that peaceful people mover. Even if you can’t see them or hear them, sending this vibration of love energy is very powerful and very helpful.

If you feel a spirit around that you suspect might not be a loved one of yours but is stuck, you can do the same thing. Send them unconditional love and a word or two about having the strength to continue their crossing over journey. Many times, this is all it will take to assist someone in finding their home again on the otherside. Their mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, and friends on the otherside will thank you for it.

Lastly, Remember to Take Care of Yourself in the Process

It doesn’t hurt to do GCP (Ground, Clear, Protect) before helping someone cross over. Actually, it’s really smart to do. It will separate and protect your personal energy so when you send the love, it is all for them and they can use it to their highest good.

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