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Deciding to Be Human

There is a balance between deciding to be human and deciding to be spiritual. So much emphasis is put on following a spiritual path that sometimes a person can go overboard. I’m not talking about those over dramatic, hamming it up, spiritualists that put on a good show. I’m talking about going so deeply into the spiritual realms that we lose our connection to the human world.

Day after day of spiritual connection, ignoring your human side, can lead to detachment. While this is a goal of some, it comes at a price. I hear people speak of detachment and all the benefits of it, and I agree. However, there is a line that can be crossed where we lose the want and desire for human connection, emotion and adventure.

My Dog Was Dying

When my dog was dying I had a choice. I could tap into my intuition, check to see what was going to happen to her and then settle in to the comfort that if she dies it was meant to be. “Everything happens for a reason.” “Nothing is negative.” “Life is just a big circle.”And so on, and so on. But I chose the human path. I chose to be by her side, feeling the pain of losing her. I understand death. I’m not afraid of it. I accept it. But this time, I chose to not accept it. I chose to fully embrace the situation humanly, not spiritually.

A week or so later, I found myself back into my spiritual connection. And I was balanced. We are here to experience earth and human connections. So if someone decides to dive so far into the spiritual realms to avoid the human pain or connection, they are robbing themselves of the experience. It’s like going on vacation and never leaving your hotel room.

Enjoy This Life

So, see this life as your vacation. It’s okay to retreat to your spiritual hotel room, but it’s also healthy to go out and experience the tourist attractions. Balance is always the best path.

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