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Don’t Drink the Poison

Don’t drink the poison. Check!

“Not forgiving someone is like drinking the poison and waiting for them to die.” A friend of mine mentioned this to me the other day. I’ve heard it before and absolutely agree! However, it can be difficult to let go of grudges. People advise you to forgive, or just let it go, but you still struggle.

We want other people to change, other people to make things right. We want them to do what we want them to do. But we cannot change them. Moreover, we can only change ourselves. You can scream at the car in front of you to move over, but the driver won’t budge. Would you prefer to stay behind that driver and hold onto your anger? Or would you prefer to go around the car and continue on your path, stress free? Or perhaps you are fine behind that driver and decide that it’s not a race. In the end, you don’t need them to go faster.

This is About You

This is all about you, not them. Your reaction to the situation is either your poison or your healing. If a miserable person lashes out at you or hurts you, that is theirs to carry. How you handle the situation after the fact is yours to carry. That driver isn’t affected by your anger and won’t change lanes just because you want them to. So, make the tough decisions.

This is what your intuition is for. You know the best way to let go of something or cut emotional cords from it. Your decision might not be what other people would do, but your correct decision is right for your soul. So when you are thinking about the past (drinking the poison), catch yourself, stop yourself. Bring yourself into the present moment and decide if anything needs to change right here, right now. And then have the courage to change. Have the strength to let the person go, or let go of your hatred for their behavior.

Bring in Gratitude

Bring in gratitude for your life and empathy for the other person. Change the perspective. Change the view. This is your life and you should be happy living it. Likewise, don’t let other’s step in the way of that happiness. Don’t drink the poison. Go around the other driver, don’t let the driver bother you, or get off the road all together. You are never stuck behind hurtful people. Most importantly, the road is always clear up ahead if you want it to be.

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