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Intuition is Accessible to Everyone

Intuition is accessible to everyone. It isn’t something we gain. Intuition is accessible to everyone. It is within you right now buried beneath clutter and baggage and is sitting silently, waiting for the freedom it desires. The intuitive classes I took did nothing for me. Let me explain.

I opened up in my early thirties. Before that, I was a complete skeptic. Long story short, one experience rocked my world so strongly, there was no turning back. Today I work as a professional medium and spiritual teacher. When I first opened, I searched for intuitive classes to help me become more intuitive. The mentality of these classes was that intuition was like a muscle, the more you use it the the more you gain. This compiled with phrases such as “gaining intuition” and “wanting intuition” lead people to think it is something we acquire, something outside of ourselves. And this perspective is limiting.

Post “Open”

After opening up, I ventured out into the world, started doing readings and quickly was faced with dealing with my own personal baggage. It was the best gift that could have happened to me. I started to see the correlation between letting go of mental and physical clutter and an increase in the strength of my intuition. With this new awareness, I dove further into decluttering. My entire house, my friendships, my relationships. Thus, my intuition grew and grew and grew! Subsequently, my life improved and relationships deepened. Money increased. Most importantly, my life path moved forward smoother.

I Shared My Experiences

Having walked through that experience, I decided to share this perspective with others. At first it was an experiment. During this time the results came in strong and eventually the experiment grew into classes. It’s been years now and I’ve watched countless students work diligently to clear their heads, lives, and clutter. I’ve watched them open up the intuition that was hiding within them all along and step into the flow of their universe with excitement.

Your Intuition is Accessible

It all starts inside. Take a look at the clutter and make some decisions so you can step forward in your life and watch your intuition start to bloom. In the end it’s not so much about practice as it is about cleaning up your messes. Get started today by decluttering a closet, enjoy the results, and then declutter something else. It is true when they say it’s all about simplicity!

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