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Spirit Guide Meditation

If you are wanting and wishing for spirit guide communication for the first time or even on a deeper level, then this post, and spirit guide meditation, has landed in front of you with perfect timing.

I’d like to cover two key elements to increasing your communication with your guides. First is our mind frame. Second is a helpful meditation. But yes, we should tackle the mind frame first… it will make the meditation much more successful. 😊

Old Habits Just Might Be Blocking You

One block for people wishing to communicate with their spiritual guides is their frame of mind. They have a long pattern, or habit, of saying they can’t communicate with their guides. That they can’t hear or see their guides. Or it’s too difficult, reserved for only a special few, or it’s too far out of reach for them.

When we believe something to be true, it tends to come true. So shift away from saying to yourself that communicating with your guides is hard. Instead, speak as if strong guide communication has already come to fruition.

Truth is, your guides are right next to you. They always have been, and the communication is there for you to receive. But there is a small block between you and them. That old pattern of saying communication isn’t happening or that you can’t access it, has created a bubble around you blocking you from the intuitive flow and connection with them. Good news, your spirit guides are right outside this bubble, loving you and simply waiting for you to release it and let it go. And it’s not as hard as you might think.

Spirit Guide Meditation

So, let’s jump into this super simple meditation. Do this meditation daily for as long as you feel you need it.

One – Say out loud, “My guide communication is clear and strong.”

Two – Imagine, visualize or feel the bubble that was blocking you melt away into the earth.

Three – Hold both of your hands out in front of you, palms facing up.

Four – Say out loud to your spirit guides, “What is it you want me to know.”

Five – Relax in the moment and stay open to all sensations and messages that come through.

And last, but absolutely not least, enjoy yourself and enjoy the process. It will raise your vibration and make the process of releasing that bubble blockage that much easier.

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